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  1. Hi, I would like to ask if grf modifications like graymap and simplified skill effect grf allowed on this Server? I usually use those kinds of grf mods on every RO server that I played to reduce lag and easy navigation and farming (targeting mobs / seeing loots). Adding grf on prerenewal server is easy because you only have to add your grf on the data.ini file but I noticed here in our renewal client there isn't such file so I tried grfbuilder but I don't know which grf to edit. I also tried to do trial and error on sdata.grf, fordata.grf, and even data.grf. the only grf that worked is the simplified skill effect but the graymap causes the client to crash. Can anyone enlighten me if using graymap grf allowed in our server? and if yes, please help me do it. Thank you.
  2. i'm a week old player. (I actually played last year but just downloaded the client and create a champ and max leveled it and quit b'coz I got bored and I thought I can't survive alone in this server) I think this guide is the best newbie (with no gears to start with) that I've seen in while scrolling here on forums. Other guides are great but requires you to invest on gears first before ur high wiz can actually be effective in farming. /no1 /thx will definitely do this later. I already got F.Knight Set and Legendary weapon!! /lv but i still have to do the Forsaken Dungeon Quest first. /heh
  3. Thank you so mucn! n_n /lv God Speed
  4. Do you need special equips to farm berries on ygg room? or a max level high wiz with freebie set enough? as I compare. freebie gears has higher stats than forsaken knight set. and i still don't have cards to equip on it too. so I still used the freebie set. also. the elephant headgear has after cast delay reducs which is like having Kiel. I already have legendary weapon and 2x legendary gauntlets. is this enough to 1 hit SG mobs there and to survive when mobbed or when hit by other farmers SG (if berry room is PK on) thanks..
  5. I agree. 3rd Job is very imbalanced. Specially in a high rate/High stats server like this.. Players with Gods will be able to own everyone and newbies, who are used to trans only (like me /heh ), will not be able to compensate. :3 but all I can say, the thing about renewal that needs to be implemented is it's user interface. The player/gamer friendly and conventional way that the RO is played and looked like today.. I know that it would be hard for the devs to re-script the whole game just to transfer all the things that they've worked hard to balanced into renewal. But I think and in my opinion, it will be worth it for them and for this server. but then again.. I'm just wanted the renewal BM, or just a BM that can be customized in what the player is comfortable with. It's ok if the interface can't be change (the all four-hotkey view in renewal). I think the players can deal with that. I know i will be used to the BM that this server has. but it's still a big difference to have a BM that you're used to and comfortable with. ~ Just a concerned gamer. i Gon Freecss i
  6. hmm? Is it possible for user to edit some script about bm? I don't know if it's possible in pre-renewal, but I know it's possible in renewal. I have a dev friend back in the day who knew how the script works and make codes for bm hotkeys.. :3 i just dunno where to find that in the folder of this RO.
  7. Hi. I'm a newbie in this server and in all of the high rate servers that I've played. i think, this server is where I can stay for a lifetime. I like high rate so much but the thing is they tend to get wiped, that's why this server caught my attention since it has been advertise that it has been running for 8yrs+ so it definitely worth to check it out. My concern about this server is missing one good and maybe the best feature of RO. The Battlemode Shortcut Customization/Editor thingy.. this feature..(also the Viewing of All Hotkeys at the same time) I've always personalized my BM into something that I can be comfortable to use in battle, that I could get really quick access in very important skills, switchings, or items. I used ( ` ) and also the spacebar as one of my BM shortcuts.. because it's the easiest key to get access to on your keyboard. I also don't use my BM shortcut in a successive manner (1-9, Q-O, A-L, and so on). I mixed it in a way where my skill arrangement will not match the hotkey window but will match the keyboard.. (e.i.: Hotkey1: F1-F6 R T Y, then Hotkey2: ` 1 2 3 4 5 Q W E...) There's no way for me to do that anymore in this server. But maybe there are ways to do that so? Maybe editing BM scripts? hmm? can someone help? A GM Staff/Dev would be great. :3 Looking forward for a solution for this problem.. Thanks.. Opinion of other players are accepted and maybe helpful also. :th_lv: :th_lv: :th_lv:
  8. Hi. I am a newbie also.. I'm used to using my Personalized BM hotkey.. And now, I can't seem or be able to edit the BM shortcuts. :3 is there a way to edit it? :3 and also, even though not a really big deal, why is the Hotkey can,t be stretch so i can see all my skills and where i'd put them? :3 pls help.. it's really annoying using F1-F9 and etc. I prefer to customized it for my ease of use? :3 is the a way? :3
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