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  1. I could say that its better to party with the MVPs(for other classes except champ,snipers etc) rather than PVP. If you kill a player with devo, it doesnt count. However if players get x2 but map is auto debuff then it will work. FCP doesn't have to debuff of course.
  2. They could implement debuff for the particular skills.
  3. +1 YEAH. Good job on this suggestion. We are tired on fighting on groups, we cannot test how strong we are. If you are on a devo, no matter how many times you are killed, score is still ZERO. This is really unfair
  4. no its not working cuz its a renewal monster
  5. Just remove the party on pvp room and it will be fun again
  6. Good day, Strength is measured by numbers these days which is quiet true. It's been a while since I participate on pvp ladder and it gets really boring. Few players fighting. Players are bringing pally as an advantage to overcome all comers. During WOE, we fight in numbers, fields and even on PVP room. I hope some GM would create a new room or change the settings. Party in PVP should be off so that players will settle their disputes in the PVP and not by broadcasting. Even if players will still fight in numbers then they will kill each other with an aoa attack. Those who are weak and rely on numbers are even the one who are keyboard warriors on broadcasting. The LMS style will promote a fair play and shall end some disputes. Plus LMS event only appears random, so you cannot really enjoy it. It's just a suggestion anyway.
  7. Looking Forward to Holidays! I'll be on-board with the fastest carrier. There's just too many pIaces I want to see. Happy Holidays!
  8. And I want to end this topic, please close this gm, its not my problem. thanks to all those who read in this topic. I love this server anyway. Below is a cool map and im done here.
  9. Yep blackjack is cool but we should have a gamble with players so it would be fun, unlike computer that doesn't lose.
  10. we would appreciate it if you would tell us the mechanics for that game and how it will be played.
  11. ok im sori that im a noob and again ur a pro, u said it twice now
  12. I see. thank you for making this game better. For the mechanics, I will discuss it. The game itself is actually very logical and simple and requires just a few minutes to learn. You can be playing fairly well with a few hours of practice. (in fact, this is based on my experience when teaching friends). Hold 'em" is a popular form of poker and is one of the cornerstones in a casino. This game is better if only chips are involved, no rewards. I've been searching simple guides with less words but just to do an initial guide, please see below: Minimum players are two, the ideal maximum number is ten in a table. More players would just kill the game Next, holdem poker distributes the blinds(you can easily learn this when you play or search guides your own) As you can see in the deck of cards. A(1), 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A The game is all about rankings, I'm gonna start from the smaller to the highest. Ranking 1: Lets start by single (high cards), its simple as 3 is greater than 2. but for A or 1, its the greatest of all singles. Ranking 2: Then One Pair, means you have two single cards like pair of 2-A. Still the same, pair of A is greater of all lower pairs like K. Ranking 3: Two Pairs, this is a double pair of 2-A. Example would be pair of K&A which is greater of all 2 pairs or 2&3 which is smaller. Now you say how could I can have 2 pairs, I am only given 2 cards. The answer is that players can add the cards from the bankers which is seen on the center, the fun begins here. Ranking 4: Three of a kind. Three of any card, if you got the 5 card and you see double 5 on the center table, that makes your card "three of a kind" Ranking 5: Straight, simple 2,3,4,5,6. If you got 2&4 and you found 3,5,6 on the center, then you got straight. Ranking 6: Flush, you got the same flowers. Example you got two hearts and you found 3 hears on the center. It doesn't matter what number it is. Ranking 7: Full house, it needs 1 three of a kind and 1 pair. So its not a problem since banker can give 5 cards just combine it to yours. Ranking 8: Four of a kind, no need to explain this to a wise man. Ranking 9: Straight flush(special) this is the highest, no one can beat. It will have the same numbers & same flowers, example i got 10-A diamond. Alright let's continue: Functions: Raise(bet more chips), Call(you go for the player who raise),Check(standby), Fold(surrender), All in(bet all your chips) Step 1: Banker(computer) will distribute the cards to the players, it will be 2 cards each. Step 2: Players may Fold(quit & do the next round) or raise few/more chips or even force to bet depending on their lucky cards & blinds. Those chips will now at stake. Note that if the first player check, then you could do any function. Step 3: Banker will now draw 3 revealed cards on the center of the table but there will be five to be drawn to the center. Step 4: Players will now decide to bet depending on the minimum and maximum bet allowed, example small blind are forced to bet minimum 20 chips and maximum 40 chips for big blinds which will increase eventually. Its better if we have other tables for blinds, larger min & max bet. All chips bet will go again to the center for stake. Step 5: Banker will open the 4th card. You will then based your card on it and may increase your chance. Here you will be asked to bet again. Still the same, chips go all to the center. Step 6: Banker will open the final card for your last chance. You will be asked for your final bet. Chips all go to the center. Step 7: Open cards, all players will now draw all their cards to see who win. Note that on earlier of game, if someone use "all in" then you will be asked if you can call with it depending if there is still chips to bet, then banker will immediately open all the cards. That's it folks, this game is so thrill and fun. You could relax with all the wars,pvp & the noise of FRO life, it will cool you down and make enemies your friends. Now note that this is not perfect but when you play it, the rest will follow. Please feel free to give your comments, questions. suggestions or violent reactions below. Thank you GM & Vic for making this thread great. I did not expect to write this long, damn you Vic LOL.
  13. Good day to all. Again I'm lazy making suggestions but I enjoyed playing casino for 1 day and now the business is not earning much. I just wanna say that it would be great if there would be a poker game in the casino where players gamble their chips at stake. No more, no less. Thanks
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