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  1. whats up mel ? :D


  2. Thanks GM Danger :)

  3. Syl


    wheres the link to file a ticket?
  4. how are you ? ^ ^

    1. acobi24


      doing great, recently got back to playing fRO

  5. Hi ! after you finish your G.job, go Ayothaya/@go 18 and pub there Pub saying "Gauntlets Ready", my friend Mel/Apple#/Raisya Felixia will deal you the tokens. Go and pub there mostly before/after WOE. thanks!
  6. Hi lets deal this coming European WOE 2am server time, reply me here if you already finish the materials.
  7. Hello! Do u mean, 1 pair =20 tokens? if so make me 1 pair of each. IGN:Yfei I rarely paly now so pm me what time you play and your time zone, ^ ^
  8. I like the style of demon race monster. So BRUTAL! ! ! ! ! RARARARAAAAAARAAAAARAAA!!!!!!!
  9. Hello, I just want to suggest a dummy NPC for testing damage,Spam, Skill builds, card combination build, and for testing new weapons or items. An NPC for testing damage, in forms of different classes as well as Emperium for breakers, with real like in-game items and cards as well as resettable stats and items and actual HP and stats for the emperium. A player may pay zeny, or maybe an access card that can only be obtain through semi-challenging quest.(We love quests *-*) I know someone may add or will comment, just go for_fild01, PVP room, or even jupe_ele with your friends? I think yes you got a point, but for us with few friends who has items or specific class that we need to test our damage sometimes its hard to find perfect dummy for it. and not all of us is good at pvp and you may not know what sort of items the class you are fighting is wearing so its so vague to guess if you are doing good with your experiment.
  10. try searching on google Bijou card and immortal corpse, that's the main monsters ins BW raid.
  11. I hope there are dummy/puppets in forms of different job classes or emperium for testing skills, item BUILDs spams, and damage, of course the dummy NPC will have written stats and some real like items like friggs/[c]rings/or full set w/ cards on them.. to fully utilize the dummy, one must pay like zeny to reset his/her own desired items or stats for the dummy and he can test it for like an hour or so... finding sparring partner w/ full equipped items in-game is hard...especially when you're newbie or noob pvper w/ no experience and has no friends.. XD just a suggestion peace out.
  12. I hope Battle Ground will implement next update..

    1. Ares


      Sorry. Not yet.

  13. I hope Battle Ground will implement next update..

  14. Syl


    Yes that's right :D
  15. Syl


    Hello :D TK !!! Welcom to the Server Hope To see U in-game enjoy! <3 IGNs:Sabriel/Yfei
  16. Syl


    whalecummmmmmmm <3
  17. Gen said he'll give it a boost and I think yea... 30 pcs of that item worth 120 tokens each... is too much. I dunno if it will reduce or remain that way thats why I don't start the last part yet. lol
  18. loki'sBlade+runes=1.5 Lokis Clean [3k] with runes [3.2] IGN:Sabriel
  19. ow noeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! XD
  20. Anybody here finish the quest ady? How much do u think the armor's worth? someone told me I need 30 pvp tokens for the armor.
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