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  1. try filing a ticket - you might get a response faster
  2. Sup !! .... well first i think you need to get use to the server with its custom items & quests then gear up !!! Think Guide might give you an idea - its easy to follow too with tips hopes it helps ~ If you lost or got more question can visit my guild @go 11 your welcome to drop by anytime AWOOOOOOO
  3. Hiiiiii , Welcome to fRO brader if you wanna explore more in-game and tips check out this guide whenever your free should be helpful ..... If ever your lost or need help drop by my guild @go 11 we'll be happy to keep you company AWOOOOOOOOO
  4. Agree DS needs more love now , fas is AoE so far it looks good already ....... just hope they can edit pouring stats lmao make sniper more flexible that should be more than enough for fas builds
  5. Hi Welcome to fRO if your still looking for a guild you can drop by @go 11 we kidnap newbies awooooooooooo Also if your still unfamiliar with the game feel free to refer to this guide might be helpful :3 Cheers @ixi06
  6. SUP AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ~ If u still looking for a guild drop by @go 11 we kidnap people XD Either way Cheers mate enjoy explore the server welcome !! might be late but u can refer to this guide for a walkthrough on the game
  7. You'll just have to try again if i remember right its 50% drop rate from LOST DRAGON at abyss_02 that spawns every 15 mins after time of death
  9. Now that you mention this - another totally different but similar idea comes to mind Why not just suggest to make a TESTING ROOM where you can enter a room where u can talk to NPCS to give u items/cards that you can try and test INSIDE THE ROOM ONLY and complete disappears when u step out or go back to town (like those official ragnarok tournaments RWC cups or so if ur familiar with it) where people start from nothing then just talks to npc to get the stuff they need or stuff like that to use . It can even offer a DUMMY to test on or PARTNER MODE where u can actually test it on someone This way we dont need to worry it taking effect on market at the same time everyone can test NOT JUST RINGS but diff builds or new items before spending - prob a pain to make for the admins but definitely something to look forward too
  10. well to begin with the only job who really needs to use 2 skoll are high vit based jobs like PALLY , LK and tanky supports like PROF , PRIEST , CLOWN/GYPSY ..... other than that - mostly the other jobs hp are roughly 160~170 vit below .... the only advantage of the new update on skoll is that thana damage is a bit lower by almost like -30k or so on base damage i think which yes increases survival rate too much cost bro HAHAHAHA ........ if they can like edit pouring card so its like 2 pouring cards combined to one .... this might actually make sniper more flexible which is more than enough tbh (ofc make it non-stackable) .... like 1 pouring card boost FAS/DS by 20%~25% effect nulled if more than 1 is equipped .... i dont see the game making an exclusive new card just for snipers like what they did to sinx (amad & bijou) since fas is aoe in nature ... ds is possible since its single target based skill Well not sure if FAS still needs more boost in damage ... prob just some modification like improving pouring as mentioned .... but as for DS it needs more loveeeee - hopefully they add DS boost for the new pvp hg for snipers and consider boosting it more since its a single target skill after all buwahahaha (putting the spam speed in-mind ofc)
  11. Actually just realized HAHAHA .... can just edit pouring card effect from 10% fas/ds .... to like boost it to 20%~25% and make it NOT STACKABLE with other pouring cards .... like if u wear another 1 it nulls the effect ... that might give sniper more room w/o needing to make a new card LOL
  12. kinda agree on this ... a slight boost for sniper bless build would be good - considering its a single target skill enough for it to match up to other longrange builds Might he hard - people loving the new skoll effect - it got its own pro's & con's Snipers new divine headgear should prob only do damage NEAR to shiphat damage but never SAME or MORE than it .... defeats the purpose of having shiphats in-game ... Snipers generally has 3 builds ... but only 2 builds that people mostly use ... 1st we have the cursed fas build which is basically an AoE attack which prob explains why its kinda hard to boost the skill since it hits a lot of people at the same time (proper positioning) so the tiny boost from what it gets from the new ltd hg actually helps The 2nd most used sniper build would prob be blessed DS build where for some weird reason is not even boosted by the new ltd hg (hopefully they'll notice and add it later on) .... this is kinda different from fas since single target based - right now its somehow does damage similar to fas where normally it should do more since it doesnt hit multiple targets like fas .... sniper b builds doesnt need a LARGE boost but a bit more damage to make it more playable - that part i gotta agree with Not sure how to take this but for me it basically means like Introducing a NEW CARD that can substitute 2 pouring cards ? ..... so its like a new card (takes [1] slot) that increases fas by 25%~30% that might give sniper more room for survival like since our server has [2] slot cloak ... we can basically do like NEW CARD + skoll to give sniper a bit of a boost since going 2 pouring is risky lmao .... some might say its a choice and other snipers are doing well but if they consider this might actually boost snipers a bit ..... if they do consider this just make sure it DOES NOT STACK with pouring card lol ....... well in a way it makes sense since we have a good example of this already namely amad & bijou
  13. If they were to make a SEPARATE NPC just for RENTING QUESTED BLESS/CURSE/GUARDIAN RINGS .... then people would just screw the quest and just RENT RENT RENT every time it expires since like you said its a hassle to SELL rings that gets nerfed who knows when so why spend tokens to buy them, whats the point of questing them when you can just rent them ? ..... it basically does the same except for not being permanent This might just kill the quests hahah or possible chance to drop the prices of rings over all since its "rentable" therefore drop demand = drop price for some Either way i completely misunderstood my first comment here - i thought this was related to the new update for guild package that offers rental ND rings & replace it for rental bless/curse/guardian rings that last for the entire month hahaha my bad
  14. HMMMMMMMM been thinking i might actually give it a shot thanks lmao
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