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  1. can you post a screenshot of your gears (alt + q) & stats (alt + a) for both set ups
  2. I think this one is worth thinking about specially since right now MvPs are camp because no one does it therefore making it an easy income .... we do have MvP rooms but it exist since it was preset from the beginning mainly for newbies since tbh MVP competition before is nothing compared to what it is now NOTE : this suggestion is mainly to make mvping more worth it - or to give it more value Its not just about the cards u get anymore ... because since the beginning of RO - there would always be someone who would do mvp (this is like already a natural way to earn in ANY RO GAME) - its just a matter of "how many" does it or "if people are motivated enough" to do it. The suggestion of adding mvp loot box is just to give more motivation to mvpers to keep hunting since for them "we can get something from this" aside from the cards ... that itself might at least make mvping more worth it and even increase the competition ... and ofc many people will think of camping easy mvps and definitely FEW of them will have the same idea and clash even on easy mvps SPECIALLY on hot mvps ... this itself will keep mvping active. Of course some might say this might ruin eco/prices or spoil people ... but this will only happen IF WE ADD LOOT BOXES AT THE SAME RATE ............ but what we're suggesting is to add it on a SAFER/LOWER RATE (roughly around 0.1% ~ 0.01%) which is basically the drop rate of normal cards in lowrate servers , even if u camp the mvp 1,000~10,000x there would be no guarantee that u will get a book but there's still that chance to get a drop since u will be mvping anyway more benefit thats why people will do it - Can guarantee that as long as the drop rate is at 0.1% specially on 0.01% (normal drop rate of mobs like poring) ..... even on hunting porings (which spawns instantly) it takes weeks to even get a single card (low rate drop rate) ... what more for MvPs that spawns on FIX INTERVALS (not instant spawn - min of every 60+ mins) ... you can't even say that mvps are many ... cause at this rate even if u have like 100 mvp spawning instantly in 1 map (like porings) ... it wont just give a drop right away, what more for mvps with at least 1hr spawn time & less than 100 mvps or so ... so i think this suggestion is a good motivation for mvpers at the same time would not really ruin the market unless people are stupid
  3. NOT AGAINST MVP CARDS GOING UP - but for some easy ones with high prices isn't reasonable Inca = 10 ~ 15 (easy to kill/hunt - always present) Orc Lord = 20 (thats fine) Orc Hero = 10 (easy to kill/hunt - always present) VR = 60 (would prefer this than 55 HAHAHA) TG = 30 (spawns every hr no need to be higher) TGK = 40 ~ 50 (justified price if u ask me) KIEL = 40 (fair) GTB = 25 (fair) FBH = 40 (fair) F.Raider = 40 HWC = 110 ~ 120 (fair) SINX C = 110 ~ 120 (fair) GLOOM = 60 ~ 90 (old price - competition was better/harder before - price never went higher than this) hot hard mvp so this price for me IS FAIR Tanee = 30 ~ 35 (fair) Amad = 40 (fair) Dwiz = 15 Dwar = 10 Skoll = 7~10 Beelze = 40 ~ 60 (fair) Atroce = 10 Maya P = 5 ~ 7 Maya = 10 GR = 10 ... not sure why this became 20 ? - it always been high demand even years back and a lot of hunters with short spawn intervals (mini boss) Deviling = 10 ... same as above ^ Angeling = 10 LK = 40 ~ 60 Mastersmith = 30 ~ 40 Amon ra = 10 Bapho = 5 ~ 10 (fair) Drake = 5 ~ 10 Eddga = 10 ~ 15 RSX = 10 ~ 15
  4. GR = 10 Angeling = 10 Moonlight = 5 ~ 10 Dracula = 5 Pharoah = 3 Dark Priest = ????? - dragoon wizard or warlord ?? Maya P = 5 ~ 10 Amon ra = 10 Inca = 10 ~ 15 LK = 40 ~ 60 Mastersmith = 30 ~ 40 HP = 10 ~ 15 White lady = 10 Vesper = 5 Atroce = 5 ~ 10 right now token : zenny rate is at 60 F.toks : 1b zenny
  5. honestly speaking not all ROP colors are good in solid or not all looks good in transparent ........ so for now for me THOSE colors in tokenshop that are solid looks awesome and would like it that way or a bit that way is fine THEN the rest just leave it as is no need to change all colors .... so yah prob case to case basis - some colors looks better being solid some being transparent thats it
  6. ohhhh so ping zapper is better for fRO i guess ... well RO is an old game xD hahahah
  7. The other guys explained the details already .... but just to make it more easier since you new .... if you tried voting and doing legendary weapon quest .... a set is basically Legendary Weap + Vote cape BUT the donated version of it ... it got coool awesome damage/stats boost over all and its very very flexible since diff rings means diff builds that u can test out in game To know more or better understand it - you'll just have to test it in game and explore !! have fun AWOOOOOOOOOOOO
  8. Hmmm there would be a lot of possible outcome from this both positive and negative .... depends on how the community takes it 1. Diff WoE castle would actually be a good change of pace .... i mean in normal RO usually we got like 5+ castles open all at the same time and people would rekt it ... but thats prob not applicable to us due to population ... but instead maybe changing the castles itself maybe every 3 ~ 6 months would be nice (as long as ownership of old castle will be reset when the new castles opens) then should be good 2. Yah since it only got 1 castle and to be honest majority of the people dont really woe or just afk inside because no one bothers trying anymore since it "might" not be worth it anymore ... making the prize better CAN revive competition in woe .... OR if even with that people didnt get motivated, then it'll prob ruin market since at the end of the day only 1 guild will own it and get the profits ... thats only if they made the prize better but attendance/competition didn't change then it just ruins it more 3. This probably need a lot of thinking and good timing .... since i really think its a good idea when u consider the possibility of competition being tight ... but i feel it might also backfire since aside from everyone trying to compete with one another .... there will always be that possibility that this might literally make the rest to quit trying since they might think that rather than getting something ... it'll be reduce to nothing - no more goal/motivation I do understand that the point of this suggestions is to keep people motivated ... but there would always be that side where in ... you cant motivate people who already gave up themselves This is indeed worth a shot but prob need to be tested first to see if it will actually work or not ..... since if it doesnt then we might need a different approach ... nevertheless kudos to this suggestion
  10. hi this update is awesome specially the colors as epic af .... but just noticed that in game ... the new colors isnt really exactly as whats shown here .... what do we do with it ? can we have it replaced if we have the same item but no new color ? or just a minor issue and will be debugged soon ? Thanks wooooo
  11. Slap. heuhue >:

    1. gunxsword11



  12. The Place that Started it All The Place that started it all definitely comes in a lot of ways in different forms or shape It can be a single hug, kiss, slap, an accident or even just randomly doing stuff can lead to a Beginning For me this is "My New Beginning" ... the start of a beautiful journey that has yet to end even now At first it was just because I wanted to have a place to call My Own and share it with people Believe it or not I literally just kidnapped random people in Forsaken city whether they liked it or not hahaha It was a retarded thing to do but I definitely didn't regret a single thing about it and I enjoyed it Because of this, I met a lot of people and this little home that I had is now a Big Family A family filled with weird mix people that lives all through out the world But if ever it came a time that I was stranded on some Island and get to choose who I'll survive with I will choose to be with this guys ... long live Uncrowned Kings Uncrowned Kings | • Noob •
  13. FARM IS LIFE !! but struggle is real HAHAHAH , come drop by @go 11 anytime if got more questions or need help WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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