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  1. I want to read GM's opinions here. You think just anybody would tweak around with their computer? - This is the attitude of old folks right?, if you want something you'll study things about it and will definitely have some good result. If you want something, there is always a way. If you don't want something, you'll always find an excuse. :th_e5: Yep you are right about "If someone starts a trend that they will only sell this items on a specific place, everyone else will follow soon enough." who else will take as step aside from the GMs? I want to read GM's opinion here. OFF TOPIC: so that's how you people works (the two people opposing this subject)?, when they see a mess they will leave it like that?, when you say you're on specific field you can't figure out what's happening in the other filed? :th_ok: . very far mindsets from the IT people i know.
  2. ha?, why are you talking about hardware?. can't you think out of the box? :th_e15: i don't want to say this here but for your sake FYI there are a lot of 3rd party software there that allows you "to vend and only to vend" without opening a client. you're an IT right?, you should know that, and i should expect that you can make your own software for that. I told you to use google. your problem is solved right?. now let's wait for the GM's for this. :th_no1:
  3. That's why i'm asking for some order in the market place. Your problem is your pc having low processing power?, There are a lot of ways to counter your problem. You can Google your problem and can find solutions and I'm sure you will find some.
  4. GM' Here is my suggestion. as of now we only have: Icicle Kunai Black Earth Kunai High Wind Kunai Heat Wave Kunai Fell Poison Kunai I think we should make Legendary Kunais on all elements just like the Legendary Arrows: One more suggestion. Ninja's are described as "Someone who moves like a shadow but as fast as lightning" so i think the effects should gave Ninjas more movement speed with this kunais and Damages should at least be Equal to Legendary Arrows: NOTE: Please Make the quest HARDER than any L. Ammunition so that whiners will stop whining :th_no1:
  5. Why can't we Vend in towns?, It's disabled because of the people randomly vending everywhere?, because it's messy? Market Place now is very messy as well. Why can't we just have a specific place on a map where only specific items can be sold. for example: "Market Place Map" EAST Side: Everyone is only selling Cards North Side: Everyone is only selling Quest items (Put all same items in one place) West Side: Weapons etc. In this way we can prevent the economy from being pulled down hill (this will make everyone sell items in the same price or you can easily compare). Can the Gm's look on to this? and it will be more efficient if every vendor can vend in town with specific locations for different items assigned by the GM's Note: I know this will take some time because it will take discipline. I hope the GM's will make this happen. :th_no1:
  6. Is there any update regarding on Legendary Ammunition for Ninja Class?. :th_e2:
  7. Thank you for actively helping players. :th_thx: i just filed a ticket and wait to see what happens. :th_no1:
  8. My Pet(Miyabi) has gone missing after i died at lhz_dun03, i thought it's just a bug (i checked [ALT+J] and it's still there) but after i Re-login it's really gone (and [ALT+J] is no longer working), :th_e28: just what in the world happened?. :th_sob: and for additional info i just fed my pef, so the hunger level is at stuffed and the intimacy is neutral. Please Help. Thank you in advance GM
  9. ouch, i need this for my quest. >.<, how can i go afk when i'm actively questing.
  10. Thank you for the reply, But @autoloot and @ali are only working when you (the character) is the one hitting the monster but it's not working when the homunculus goes for the kill
  11. Hello World!. I need some help on looting when it disappear to fast and my Homunculus is actively hitting monsters and i can't get the specific loot i want that fast. please make it possible to autoloot with Homunculus or at least make the loot expire longer. Please Help. Thank you
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