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  1. -1. 1) Pointless and an absolute waste of time. 2) People won't even utilize it. The whole point is to let the entire server know, these people crave the attention. 3) Promoting trash talk doesn't help. I for one suggest game ban for trash talk, it sounds harsh but at least we'll see a lot less nuisance from these undesirable people.
  2. Here's where you're missing the point. MOL does not support ambiguous servers that are not under a large publishing corporation or established development studio. fRO is a PRIVATE server, run by a PRIVATE host which has no registered business whatsoever. They are NOT going to consider fRO as a business partner even should Genesis approach them.
  3. Genesis, MOL is a third party escrow-esque payment provider for online games. They normally server proper, well established game publishers like Gravity, and larger game companies. Definitely not private servers. Also nilo: Paypal sucks, cuz it's so eaxy to initiate a chargeback on Genesis.
  4. The only way they'd ever find enough content to make a season is to combine GGO+Mother's Rosario into one season. Unless they plan to go the 12 episode route. Even then, GGO has a huuuuuuge lack of exciting content that makes SAO popular in the shounen category.
  5. They're not making GGO arc... It's too damn boring and too full of story to adapt into an anime.
  6. The most well known clown is the clown who procs coma tarot the most.
  7. You probably would have the best chance by farming seeds and berries tix to sell for 5:1. After u get a decent base u might want to invest in cheap kiel cards (Think 75-80) when the opportunity presents itself before flipping them for 85-90. Once you do get a respectable base, u may start trading heavily on in-demand items like donation weps and accessories and flipping them for profits.
  8. I've been playing this game for a short one month. Other than farming for tokens, WoE and PvP, which while fun, doesn't fully take up the time I spend in this game. None of them actually keeps the community heavily engaged. Thus I have a suggestion that would probably increase the amount of activity instead of AFK farming activity tokens. The suggestion is as follows... Guild Survival Raid. How it works: Guild Survival Raid is basically a weekly/monthly point based ranked raid. With a reward given to the guilds that score the highest points at the end of each season. Staying true to survival type activities, the further you raid goes, the more points are rewarded. A raid, if possible, must only consist of guild members, alternatively, point rewards may be awarded to the individual participants of the raid, which will in turn be added to their respective guilds. Pros 1) Probably the one that gave birth to the idea in my head was the lack of cohesive activities within the game, which ultimately led to mild boredom for me. WoE was fun, and the once in a while raids for rings were decent, but after that, it was all about monotonous grinding for items or seed farming. 2) Adds a new reason for being in a guild. It gives more reason for a guild to bond closer instead of forming cliques of their own. It also gives the guild another reason to play together, leading to much more enthusiasm and love for the game. 3) It will also up Guild vs Guild rivalry in the quest of vying for the best. Indirectly showing how active a guild is, and also a form of publicity for which guilds to join. Cons 1) Probably the most pressing concern would be abuse concerns. I wouldn't know how this could be abused but it's always a pressing concern no matter what new customizable content gets added in fRO. 2) Member poaching. Not that it doesn't happen naturally, but having such a function may or may not result in increased instances of member poaching. I mean, who won't want to take up an offer from a guild that is extremely active and does abnormally well? Eh? 3) Rewards: Rewards would most probably be rewarded to the respective guilds via the leaders. This, of course may cause upsets among members who have contributed much but find it unfair with regards to distribution of rewards, yet this is pretty much a problem that should be settled within a guild itself. Closing Notes. This idea, in general is just a passing idea I had for the server, which is heavily inspired by another game I shall not mention. Not a lot of thought has been put into it but the idea sounds pretty good to me. Ideas on how the raid should go can also be discussed as a community in general or totally left to the GMs. Please do support this post should you find this feature a fun and exciting addition to fRO ^_^ thx.
  9. Exgalado

    Price Check

    Volatile. Most expensive and common offer is 6k... On occasional days you'd see a 4k and commonly some 5ks.
  10. This is a PvP server, it's stated in the rules that it's perfectly fine to PK another player for a naturally spawned MVP.
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