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  1. Happy 11th Birthday my beloved ForsakenRO community! It's been a long journey ever since then and I'm delighted I lasted long enough to experience all we went through! I hope and I'm convinced there's more to come and we can continue shining as bright as we've always been! Thank you for the amazing update guys, you're never letting us down! Best server for a reason!
  2. Welcome to ForsakenRO! We wish you the very best on our server and hope for you to get back into Ragnarok Online! We are a big family here and we hope you'll make this place your (new) home! :)
  3. I'm not against the main idea of this suggestion, but ultimatively this enabled the PvP Ladder to be of importance again after having several years of playing a very low role on our server. If we are going to add another way of obtaining the Dragonist Armor to it's current requirements, it'll result in a lack of interest into PvP Ladder again. For now, I'd say reducing the needed amount would be a good start in aiding more players to obtain the Dragonist Armor.
  4. Hi GM, I would like to ask, why did GM Ebisu resolved the ticket i filed? When i directed the message to you. As you can see regarding the ticket i made is the evidence of feeding incident regarding the player DemonFoxx# and yet, you did not take an action with this case. Ticket #1046 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Penthesiliea


      Screenshot won't be enough for proof, They can be really newbies went to pvp room, Or trying to see what's inside of pvp.

    3. DemonFoxx


      You see that Cosmic. guy? I have a witness that was with me when he came before that. And that other Whitesmith came alot too. I spent whole days inside PvP room and a decent amount of newbies came in.

    4. qperteplex


      Or someone trying to set him up for feeding

  5. Hello , I dont know how to get my prize week 451 pls check i am trevoor the 3rd placer thanks


    1. Genesis




      Once it is posted in the hall of fame, just message any GM ingame or message me on skype at: jorgeluisf350

    2. Treeeevoor


      Thanks Jorge, i mssg sum gm's they say Either you nor Danger Oke thanks Godbless!


    3. JEEZ







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