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  1. nice stuff for Halloween... Wish i had my stuff back.. not even a point in still playin......... =/ FML
  2. monithin

    Cloak Bonus Cards.

    It's an interesting idea. Not a bad one. There are draw backs to using them such as you said thana, champ, so pvp will not be as interesting if you die in 2 hits
  3. monithin


    Yes i know that but then why is greek in there? has no purpose. and to put norse with it where it doesn't fit.
  4. monithin


    Ok, so if you look at the belts all of them are from grrek mythology but the str belt it's a norse god. so i think you hsould change the str belt to Kratos or Cratus, because at least givve greek mytholgy one thing like the belts it's wierd to me becuase it makes no sense it's like you all had 8th graders write those for the belts =/ makes me sad becuas ei love greek mytholgy I don't intend to be mean it's just the way i view it I love this game still! Norse Ftw but if theres greek gods involed .gg
  5. i Kinda like the 30% REFLECT AND 8% HP WITH 3+ STATS! If i think of another i'll let you all know!
  6. monithin

    Tao/ New Wep

    Well if you woulda read my post man idc about the stalker wep i just used that as an example. and yes pally does need some thing is alittle reduct really that hard to ask for? a combat knife can do more than da damn pally wep =/
  7. monithin

    Tao/ New Wep

    Ok i understand that. I wasn't dirrecting how stalkers are OP they still die very easy. But i'm just saying that the pally wep doesn't really do much good i can do more with a mail wep and a combat knife than the pally wep =/ how sad? i'll i was trying to say is reducts would help out! and about the tao thing is that if i fight stalkers with sac they are stronger because they get a sht load of hp and with alll my hp gears i couldn't match it. dats all :)
  8. monithin

    Tao/ New Wep

    It's not even that. as a pally, people depend on you to live and tank and having reducts helps so i use caombat knife more than my pally wep, although i like it it's just that it hsould do more than just that i get more stats but less aspd i get a bit more hp but people att me a bit more so the hp is doesn't really do anything.
  9. monithin

    Woe 2.0

    ZOMG THAT IS AWESOME. Yea woe is to easy it breaks way to offten and this is just what we need to make this server worth still playing!
  10. monithin

    Tao/ New Wep

    Haha hp boot is more than enough? not really i use combat knife more than my pally wep and stalker is very op with the new wep all it's bonus + strip what do pallys have alittle bit mroe hp? to have just alittle reducts would bring pallys into balance how many main palllys do you see? how many main stalkers do you see? Not that rude <_>
  11. I understand about the reflect 23% is good. but i still think it should do a bit more cuz avain are still better as i understand here rare i still see many people have them just like the sgw there not that rare anymore everyone has them. So you don't have to raise the relfect maybe just add hp bounus or + some stats or sumthin! just try it if it doesn't work take it off or nurf it :)
  12. monithin


    Ok, i've played other servers and to transfer zeny from one cahr to another they used @bank you can stroe zeny and then use it on another char. i like the coins easy to tranfser to diff accs but the @bank will make zeny transfer easy if you need to decard you don't need to cash in a 10m coin for a 300k thing. well hope i et support with this thanks!
  13. monithin

    Tao/ New Wep

    Ok so with the tao for pallys it's 30%. Stalker have more hp with tao and there new wep when pallys with 300 vit should have way more hp.. also the new pally wep should have some reducts on it like the stalker bow.. it's and ok wep but stalkers have the way better atvantiges than pallys with MR (sac) skill.. it's a bit unfair to the pally community.. so i hope you take this into conciteration as well. Peace! ♥
  14. monithin


    Ok, i'm gonna be getting a raw. Alll the raw does is 23% reflect, avain wings does 15% +5% hp and is sloted plus reducts to some elements. so right now avains that are worth like 120 -300 are better than raw's them self. So i belive Raw's should be imporoved like 30% +10 stats or somthing like that so make it better than avains.. make it worth 4k.. i'm just a person, but one person can make a difference, thank you and i hope you take this into conciteration.....
  15. Ok. I made a guild but how do i make an emblem. somthing abotu a RO folder wtf? plz respond back............. thx!!
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