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    Gepard Shield isn't going to be removed.
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    Thanks a lot, i can play now /e11
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    You are practically buying a DA, since thats all the materials you need to make a dragon armor. People sell DAs for 5k By buying 2 DH you're getting 5k extra fame, and also you need a rank 3 character to make a DA. If you already have a rank 3 dragonist, and you dont mind spending 2k~2.2k on 2 DH then... 7 pvp tokens go for 120 ea x 7 = 840 tokens , you can round it up to 900 since price varies. 2 DH = 1k ~1.1k each = 2k ~ 2.2k All materials = 1k? so 4.1k tokens If you don't have a tier 3 dragonist you'll need 1 more DH ... from tier 0 to tier 3 you need 9k fame so 5.2k tokens approximately.
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    Thanks for the effort. I hope more variants of ROP to come..
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    I think this one is worth thinking about specially since right now MvPs are camp because no one does it therefore making it an easy income .... we do have MvP rooms but it exist since it was preset from the beginning mainly for newbies since tbh MVP competition before is nothing compared to what it is now NOTE : this suggestion is mainly to make mvping more worth it - or to give it more value Its not just about the cards u get anymore ... because since the beginning of RO - there would always be someone who would do mvp (this is like already a natural way to earn in ANY RO GAME) - its just a matter of "how many" does it or "if people are motivated enough" to do it. The suggestion of adding mvp loot box is just to give more motivation to mvpers to keep hunting since for them "we can get something from this" aside from the cards ... that itself might at least make mvping more worth it and even increase the competition ... and ofc many people will think of camping easy mvps and definitely FEW of them will have the same idea and clash even on easy mvps SPECIALLY on hot mvps ... this itself will keep mvping active. Of course some might say this might ruin eco/prices or spoil people ... but this will only happen IF WE ADD LOOT BOXES AT THE SAME RATE ............ but what we're suggesting is to add it on a SAFER/LOWER RATE (roughly around 0.1% ~ 0.01%) which is basically the drop rate of normal cards in lowrate servers , even if u camp the mvp 1,000~10,000x there would be no guarantee that u will get a book but there's still that chance to get a drop since u will be mvping anyway more benefit thats why people will do it - Can guarantee that as long as the drop rate is at 0.1% specially on 0.01% (normal drop rate of mobs like poring) ..... even on hunting porings (which spawns instantly) it takes weeks to even get a single card (low rate drop rate) ... what more for MvPs that spawns on FIX INTERVALS (not instant spawn - min of every 60+ mins) ... you can't even say that mvps are many ... cause at this rate even if u have like 100 mvp spawning instantly in 1 map (like porings) ... it wont just give a drop right away, what more for mvps with at least 1hr spawn time & less than 100 mvps or so ... so i think this suggestion is a good motivation for mvpers at the same time would not really ruin the market unless people are stupid
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    Totally agree with what you have mentioned. Love the capes, and quests(not a fan of the raids but i have tried some of it). My favorite has to be the community, I've been fortunate enough to meet some great people in the server(shoutout DongSquad, and Ruski, love you guys). Disclaimer:i did meet some very toxic players along the way but it's part of the game Also love the selections of headgear, auras, etc, I cannot afford most them but i love seeing them in the server!. Another thing that i like is the selections of Gunslinger weapons since I'm a big fan(obsessed almost) with GS, shoutout developers. God those things are awesome in game!
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    "A Mew Mew, a Moon Moon, Ruski and Me in Red" The Cat So they said you don't choose cat. They choose you. So one day, a cat entered my house and just stares at me. Feed him and boom, he's the house cat now. Dumb Cat. Still the best mew tho. The Moon What is the hardest thing to get in the world? A lot, and moon's not one of that but my teacher used to say this a lot back then; "Always shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars". I've literally chased moon (wink2) in this game and weirdly enough, I've found my star instead :O Ruski Hi Ruski people! Without Ruski I won't get as far as i am right now for they have been there since the day they killed me in that abyss hunting for Detale. (TSK) From mvp hunting to ring making to raid , fashion theme , group pictures or just chats, I will always come back to lutie to these guys :) And finally me ? Best color? RED! No further explanation needed ?
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    Hints on where to start: storyline19 109 282 for loki side. storyline14 218 213 for god side.
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    1.) Introduction & Prologue So I look around and saw no decent guide for this and decided to create one, since in my last several servers I've been a Final Strike Ninja but not on this server, and now I'm deciding to share what I know. Keep in mind that I am not extremely experienced with ForsakenRO's custom items, so please bear with me and provide suggestions where you see fit. __________________________________________________________________________ 2.)Pros and Cons of a Final Strike Ninja As you may already know, every class has it's ups and downs and Ninja is no exception. The following will be a list of all pros and cons that have been apparent to me in my experience with Final Strike Ninjas: Pros a.) Nearly any physical attack is void via Cicada Skin Shedding, Illusionary Shadow, and Reverse Tatami. b.) Nearly any enemy is killable with enough patience and strategy. c.) Final Strike is a lot more viable than Asura Strike since it's a lot easier to heal HP than it is to heal SP... especially in WoE. Also, it doesn't miss. (Unless Pneuma or the likes are used.) d.) It's extremely easy to win a fight without even taking damage in most scenarios. e.) Ninjas are extremely under-rated. f.) Most, almost all, ninja techniques are useful in one way or another. Cons a.) Magic users are an extremely tough foe. b.) Reflect will be painful. c.) Final Strike leaves you (somewhat) vulnerable if you've not used Cicada Skin Shedding or Illusionary Shadow. d.) You will have trouble with multiple opponents. e.) Final Strike is always neutral. Taking these into consideration, I believe that Final Strike Ninjas are a very rewarding character to play. __________________________________________________________________________ 3.) Equipment Combinations and Stats Now here comes the part of the guide where your input is crucial. I will list all of what I know to make the best Ninja of my abilities and several builds you may use to suit your own tastes. First, I will list several tiers of equipment that will go from least to most expensive. Ready? Tier 1: Upper Headgear: Vote Blue Valkyrie Helm [2] SilverKiel & Maya P. Middle Headgear: L.Zodiac Aura [1] SilverKiel Lower Headgear: L.RS [1] SilverKiel Armour: Vote Forsaken King's Armor [2] 2x Silver TGK or GR + Silver TGK or Marc(If you dont have anti-freeze yet) Shield: Vote Forsaken King's Shield [1] with Usakoring Card and GTB Weapon: L.Ninja Shuriken [4] with 2xSilver TG 2xMaoGai Garment: Vote Forsaken King's Cloak [2] 2xRay or SkollRay or 2xSkoll Footgear: Forsaken King's Boots [2] 2xSilverFBH or FBH + Greenferus or 2xGreenFerus Accessory 1: L. Str Gaunt (Optional to use any 1 slotted accesory with smokie card) Accessory 2: L. Vit Gaunt (Optional to use any 1 slotted accesory with smokie card) Tier 2: Upper Headgear: Vote Blue Valkyrie Helm [2] Kiel & Maya P. Middle Headgear: L.Zodiac Aura [1] Kiel Lower Headgear: L.RS [1] Kiel Armour: Vote Forsaken King's Armor [2] 2x TGK or GR + TGK or Marc(If you dont have anti-freeze yet) Shield: Vote Forsaken King's Shield [1] with Usakoring Card and GTB Weapon: L.Ninja Shuriken [4] with 2x TG 2xMaoGai Garment: Vote Forsaken King's Cloak [2] 2xRay or SkollRay or 2xSkoll Footgear: Forsaken King's Boots [2] 2xFBH or FBH + Greenferus or 2xGreenFerus Accessory 1: Str Belt (Optional to use any 1 slotted accesory with smokie card) Accessory 2: Vit Belt (Optional to use any 1 slotted accesory with smokie card) Tier 3: Upper Headgear: Any of the Donatable Halloween HeadGears[2] with Kiel & Maya P Middle Headgear: Either LightHalzen Aurora or ROP with Kiel Lower Headgear: Ninja Blessed Ring[1] with Kiel Armour: Forsaken King's Armor with Tao Gunka Card & Ghostring or Marc(If you dont have anti-freeze yet) Shield: Frigg's King Shield [1] with Usakoring Card or GTB Card Weapon: Tyr's Shuriken[4] with 2x MaoGai and 2xTurtle General Cards Garment: Forsaken King's Cloak [2] with Assassin Cross Card & Ray or 2xRay or Skoll & Ray Footgear: Forsaken King's Boots [2] with 2xFBH or FBH & AmonRa or FBH & GEC Accessory 1: Loki's Seal[1] with Str Rune or Ifrit Accessory 2: Loki's Seal[1] with Str Rune or Ifrit These equipment combinations are to be used as a guideline, you may mix and swap from any tier as you see fit to perfect your equipment and stat build. You may feel free to input your own combination as a reply, but please no flaming. Now, about stats... this is where may people become confused since the Final Strike description is rather vague on the Final Strike formula. So please take notice that HP is not the only factor of Final Strike! STR and ATK play a huge roll in Final Strike and the entire build, so do not neglect to max out your STR by all means necessary! STR: This plays a huge roll in Final Strike's damage. The description is vague for the skill, and it fails to inform that STR has any impact on the skill... it does. Set it on roof, as long as it's in the multiple of 10 so the additional ATK would not go to waste. AGI: I find this extremely useless for this build, as none of the skills rely on it, Cicada and Illusionary Shadow take place of Flee, and you do not need ASPD. Avoid at all costs. VIT: This is extremely necessary to your final damage of Final Strike. But better Increase your HP thru items. INT: This stat is optional - You will be using magic, but not to deal damage. Though as we all know, any additional damage helps aid in battle. Use your own judgement for this. DEX: I consider this another optional stat. Final Strike never misses, but some other skills will rely on it, such as Mist Slash and Shadow Slash. Not to mention you may want to have instacast for Soul. 150 at most. LUK: Only somewhat useful, as LUK gives minor ATK bonus. Use your own judgement and use following examples as a guideline. Example Stat Builds - Hybrid Magic/FS Ninja: STR: 200+ AGI: 1+ VIT: 200+ INT: 144+ DEX: 150+ LUK: 1+ LUK FS Ninja: STR: 200+ AGI: 1+ VIT: 200+ INT: 1+ DEX: 150+ LUK: 144+ Absolute FS Ninja: STR: 290+ AGI: 1+ VIT: 200 INT: 1+ DEX: 150 LUK: 1+ These are only guidelines and possibilities, you may distribute them however you like, but keep my notes and observations in mind when distributing for maximum damage potential. Also keep in mind the bonuses from your equipment, most stats work in multiples of 10 or 5, depending on what you want from the stat, so build wisely and accordingly! Water Escape Technique: 10 Note: This is an amazing WoE skill as it's a catalyst for Waterball and it decreases walking speed and 8 AGI. Falling Ice Pillar: 5 Note: This skill freezes for a 60% chance at Lv. 5 and has a 7x7 cell range. Great for finding cloaked players and freezing GR users to nullify it's effects. Lightening Crash: 5 Note: Not nearly as useful as Ice Pillar but it's range is larger (9x9) so it's a bit easier to find hidden players. Now that your character is complete, it's time to learn how to use him/her effectively in the next section.. __________________________________________________________________________ 4.) PvP and WoE Strategies So now that you're all geared up and ready to go, it's time for the ultimate test. Combat versus another player. Keep in mind, you're going to be called "Cheap", or "noob" for using Final Strike... but isn't everyone called that when they win in PvP? Lord Knight: The only problem with Lord Knights is that they have high HP, but honestly... that's not even a problem. I suggest hiding and shadow slashing to get close, keep Illusionary and Cicada on at all times, and Final Strike them when you feel you could one-hit them. They really can't do too terribly much to you since they're almost pure melee. If they decide to Spiral Pierce or Spear Boomerang, use Reverse Tatami. Avoid being cornered with Charge Attack at all costs, hide and jump away from walls. Paladin: Due to the discovery that Final Strike is long range on ForsakenRO, just watch out for defender which reduces long ranged attacks. Sniper: A very easy fight, just make sure to shadow slash to get close and keep Tatami up - they're as good as dead. Minstrel/Clown: Somewhat of a problem, thanks to Frost Joker. You may need to sacrifice your armour to switch to unfrozen, but it's alright... their HP isn't too frightening. Tatami to counter Arrow Vulcan, and GTB to counter Tarot. Just don't forget your FCP because 'The Chariot' Can Break your armor and bypasses your GTB. High Wizard: Only moderately challenging depending on the skill of the player. Hide past AoE skills and Shadow Slash to get close, Final Strike ASAP to end it quickly. As always, if you have a GTB, these guys are like novices to fight. Professor: These guys can be a pain on occasion if they get a Soul Burn off on you. Thankfully Yggdrasil berries are there to support your SP at all times. Assassin Cross: Relatively easy depending on their build - if it's EDP they can consider themselves dead since they will miss. Soul Breaker can be countered by Reverse Tatami. Mist/Shadow Slash a couple times to make sure you'll one-hit them, then fire away with Final Strike. Stalker: Beware divest. Prepare your FCPer whenever you are trying to beat 'em. Stalkers in this server usually had their horong cards to easily drag out those who are cloaking/hiding. Hide if they use Storm Gust or the likes, etc. Depending on their copied skill, refer to according class that has the skill. I can't suggest freezing them since players on this server has anti-freeze on mainhand, but take a try atleast. Creator: Too easy. Spam Tatami when they Acid Demo, GTB when they FB/CB, Cicada Skin Shed when they Mammo, add some ninja moves and get close, then Final Strike. Priest: After some testing, I've discovered that on ForsakenRO, Final Strike happens to be a ranged attack instead of a long-range melee like it's supposed to be, so watch out for Pneuma. These guys will probably be a very long and drawn out battle, so don't be afraid to use mist and shadow slash. These are only a couple strategies to get your brain working on how you'll be playing your Ninja. I hope you've learned a thing or two from this and I hope to see some more successful Ninjas around! __________________________________________________________________________ 5.) Outro That's all for my guide, folks, and I hope once again that I've taught you something. Please leave comments/replies/critique as it'd be greatly appreciated. A little info about this guide: Well, this guide took about 2 hours of constant writing just to finish it, I went through 1 water bottle and I had 2 poptarts - the brown sugar cinnamon ones. Thanks for reading!
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    Can I add? I used to main ninja and used final strike if my throw kunai was countered This is the build I used. It's a Throw Kunai/FS build str 280+ (Divisible by 10) agi (aspd til 195) vit around 140+ int put whatever is left dex total of 150 luk 1 Upper: Ship Hat(recommended) or an expa/vote Mid: any aura Lower: cape/ring/balloon 3 kiels (fsold is optional) armor: gr/tgk(default), tgk/evil druid(anti stone curse just in case), 2 tgk(for final strike damage) cloak: raydric/skoll(default) 2 skolls(final strike damage) Sinx/Skoll(element of surprise) boots: 2 FBH weapon: 2 tg 2 mao guai, 2 tg inca skel worker, 2 tg thana, skel worker(try any of these or experiment) shield: forsaken knight/king, friggs king shield w/ usakoring or gtb accessories: str belts/gaunts or loki's with 1 rune and smokie card(for hide and shadow leap to make you harder to catch) NOTE: I only know a few ninjas who can spam final strike continuously and they're really good. the key to final strike spam is timing(similar to asura but faster) and make sure your avoid buffs are up or else DEAD. This is a personal build and im just adding info to this guide ^^ The rest on this guide is good! keep it up, and I just wanted to add more info :D
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    It's been a pleasure serving the fRO community! I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of my journey ♥ I will surely miss everyone! This is the Goddess of Bananas signing off~
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