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    Try the troubleshooting steps here:
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    You can try farming "Stone of Sage" from tha_t10 ..... its faster to kill and farm there if your less geared or a beginner cause of its small map + a bit compressed mobs ... don't forget to try to sell them using merchant alt to get more zenny (overprice passive skill) ... since the server supports dual client you can make another account to help you transfer zenny OR use coin converter via kafra to store the money storage then claim using your desired character
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    abyss_03 is the best way to farm zeny for me
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    Welcome to ForsakenRO! As a standard procedure, the team has decided to have a full copy of our rules and punishments for our players to know about. If this is your first time reading the rules, please take the time to read them entirely. By downloading our patch, connecting to our server, or engaging in our community in any way signifies unconditional agreement to ALL of the areas covered by this document (as well as the logically covered areas) regardless of your ability to understand/interpret them. To view the punishments, click the "Show" button beneath the corresponding rule. Universal Rules & Policies Lending/sharing/borrowing gear Any manner of sharing gear between players is strongly discouraged by the administration. If you choose to share your gear, you assume complete responsibility for what happens to your gear and accounts. If the person you lend your gear to is banned after the gear is lent/given, or does not return the items to you, the administration is not obligated to recover the items. If you share your gear with a player who is ban evading, you will be punished for aiding in ban evasion, whether you know if they are banned or not (more information is available in the rule regarding ban evasion). Sharing accounts Sharing accounts is strongly discouraged by the administration. If you share accounts with a player who is ban evading, all of your accounts and IP addresses will be permentantly blocked. If you share accounts with someone (or log into their accounts regularly) and he/she gets banned, you risk your accounts being banned as well; similarly, if you get banned, there is a risk that anyone you share your accounts with will be banned too. Sprite theft, unauthorized editing or distribution of sprites ForsakenRO's custom sprites are made exclusively for ForsakenRO and are not to be used on any other server or by any other individual. All of ForsakenRO's custom sprites, created by any of ForsakenRO's spriters (past or present), are not allowed to be stolen, distributed, edited, or otherwise used without permission. Absolutely no one is permitted to edit, alter, take, or in any other way modify any of ForsakenRO's custom sprites. Please note that this includes using any of these custom sprites as bases for creating "new" sprites. Anyone found supplying our sprites to people who a) do not play on the server, b) were banned from the server, or c) any other individual/group/forum/filesharing/download website will be permanently banned as well. Nonconstructive Criticism There is a fine line between complaining and giving constructive criticism. Whether it is about the staff or the server itself, this will now be a punishable offense. Complaining and doing nothing yourself is not only unhelpful, but is detrimental to the server's reputation. If you want more events, updates, or whatever have you.. complaining is NOT the way to get them. Instead, try offering your help, or providing constructive and beneficial insights into what we could do to better serve you. The very least you can do is to be supportive and appreciative of the effort and work that the staff DOES put in. This applies to both the forums and in game. Disrespecting and/or defying a member of the staff's decision The staff's decision is final. Players can seek clarification as to why they were punished, however, they may not disrespect, flame, nor be flippant to any staff because of a punishment. This will no longer be tolerated and will result in further punishment. Instead, if you believe you have been punished unfairly, make a ticket in the ticket system. Inappropriate Language Any use of language that is abusive, threatening, defamatory, vulgar, sexually explicit, obscene or racially/ethnically offensive is not allowed. This applies to both explicit and implicit language, images, and/or links to other websites. Harassment The harassment of or personal attacks on other players is forbidden. This includes the discussion and/or distribution of any personal or private information or pictures as well as slandering/defaming/spreading rumors about another player. Repeatedly targeting a specific player or persons will lead to more severe punishment. Disrespect (you must respect others and their rights to enjoy the forums and game play) This is an extension of the rules prohibiting harassment and certain types of language. Even if a player is not explicitly breaching any aforementioned rules, any form of disrespect to other players and staff will not be tolerated. Disrespecting and/or patronizing new players or posters is discouraged. Please note that depending on the severity of the offense, such actions may result in punishment. Continual offenses against new players will not go unpunished. Advertising Advertising other servers, top sites, games, or channels is not acceptable. We provide a game for everyone to enjoy and forums to discuss it, not a place for free advertising. Server Rules Unauthorized access to server (e.g. hacking): Users of ForsakenRO are only allowed to access the server via our authorized patcher and/or login windows. Botting (to use a third-party program that plays the game for you, this inlcude built-in macro keyboards to attempt farm): These kinds of programs not only ruin the experience intended for ForsakenRO, but can also negatively impact the server's economy. Third-Party Programs (to use programs that aid/effect players' gameplay): This rule applies to any "bot" , helpers, sprite edits or programs that give any unfair advantage. AFK Farming (to "AFK" [Away from Keyboard] while your homunculus kills spawns): Farming while AFK gives those players an unfair advantage over those who actually take their time to farm their items. This also applies to AFKing on any class whilst using a Dark Lord card or any other card/item that automatically uses a skill to kill spawns. Bug abuse (To use a flaw of the game for your benefit): Bugs must be reported as soon as possible via @request. If a Game Master is not online to respond said request, the player must file a bug report in our Ticket System. Account Theft (to steal another players account): This rule will apply to any case of account theft. Stealing items and accounts both fall under this rule. Account Sell/Trade (to attempt to trade your account for one in another server or to sell if for real money): This rule applies at any detectable attempt of selling/trading an account. Things like S>PHP can be considered as selling your account on the Philippines, so watch out what you type. Selling/trading/buying items for money, aka PHP Selling items is strictly prohibited under any circumstances. Anyone who buys items from another player will have all purchased items removed and also risks their account(s) being blocked. Anyone who is aware of players buying/selling items for money and doesn't report them may also receive punishment, depending on the severity of the case. This is handled on a case by case basis since no two cases are identical. Filing a chargeback/scamming us (To donate/contribute then ask for your money back): We use your donations to fund and support our servers. Once you donate and file a chargeback, we will be hit with a hefty fee which hurts our ability to maintain and continue to offer the service we do. Players who threaten to do a chargeback may also receive punishment. Ban Evasion Once you are blocked from the server, you are not permitted to create new accounts or access/play the server by any means.This includes: creating new accounts, hiding items on alternate accounts/guild storages, giving other players your items/asking them to "hold" them for you, borrowing/sharing someone else's account, or any other means of ban evading. Aiding in Ban Evasion This includes, but is not limited to: holding gear(s) for banned players, or receiving any gear(s) from a person who is banned or is about to be banned; lending or sharing gear with a player who is banned, whether knowingly or unknowingly; letting a player who is banned log in to or use your accounts in any way; not reporting when a banned player is ban evading to the GM team; or any other action that helps a banned player evade their ban. Since players should not lend their gear to anyone or share their accounts, if you aid a banned player, whether you know if they are banned or not doesn't matter. Your account and your items are your responsibility and you will be held accountable. Scamming (to trick another player into doing/giving something to/for you): We, as a Game Master team, want ForsakenRO to have an honest community. Failure to abide by this will result in severe punishments. Unnecessary Usage Of Skills (to constantly use skills unnecessary to the given situation): This is considered as community harassment and punished as such. Unnecessary Repetition of a word or sentence (Spam) (includes @request): If you want to get a message out to players, simply put up a chat room or make a broadcast. The GM team is also available via @request, but typing your message once is enough for us to notice. Abuse of @request command @request should only be used to contact a GM for help, or unless otherwise stated by a GM. Do not use @request to spam, insult or beg. Immoral Speech (to use excessive offensive language): When reporting someone for verbal abuse, keep in mind CONSTANT verbal abuse is punishable, this means just a simple curse word is not enough. However, this is subject to change depending on the severity and repetition of your case. Inappropriate/Offensive Character/Party/Guild Names Considered as community harassment and punished as such. Broadcast abuse (To use the broadcaster to insult other players or annoy the community in general) Broadcast abuse is defined as using the broadcaster for the purpose of making misleading broadcasts, insulting, provoking, harassing, profaning, and/or annoying other players or the community in general, but is also definable via a Game Master's criteria. Reviewing a GM via broadcaster is instant punishment, there is no way around this. Using the broadcaster for conversation is prohibited. Foul language will not be tolerated as broadcasts are viewed by the entire server. Disguising an abuse with a B> or S>, will also result in punishment. Examples of punishable broadcasts: "PM me *insertcursewordhere*-chan." "Wow GM X is power hungry." "Jeez, GM x's legit sure sucks." " B> Apples, oh by the way X are a bunch of homosexuals who only gang." "Wow PlayerA, is that the only way you can kill me?" Intentional Spamming/Broadcast Abuse (To use the broadcaster, public, or private chat to insult other players or annoy the community in general) The use of ASCII/Other methods in order to avoid being banned/punished for broadcast abuse or spamming is strictly prohibited. Kill stealing (only exception is naturally spawned MvPs) Also known as 'KSing'. Even though the server is on Player Kill mode, we do not allow Kill Stealing. MvPs are free for all and players are entitled to killing their competitors for the MvP. Specially summoned MvPs, such as Thanatos are of strict ownership of their summoners. Any breach of this rule will result in the retrieval of any rare item dropped by said MvP. Failure To Co-operate With Game Masters (to not listen to a Game Masters instructions) Read carefully everything written in bright yellow letters: that's one of the Game Masters speaking. Game Master Work Prevention (to pester the Game Master and not allow them to get any work done [includes spamming @request during events]) Spreading false information about the server and/or staff This applies to excessive non-constructive criticism, slander, or anything that unjustly jeapordizes the reputation of the server and/or its staff. Revealing a Game Master's identity This applies to not only directly stating who a Game Master is, but also implying who he/she is by any indirect means. Extensive Begging (to continuously ask for something and annoying others around you) Game Master Impersonation (to have GM in front of your alias when not an actual Game Master or naming yourself in a way that you could be mistaken for the GM) Avoid having the letters 'G' and 'M' to be the first of your name. The use of the word "Admin" is also strictly forbidden for character names. Any word that may lead others reach the conclusion that you are part of ForsakenRO's staff is also forbidden. Player Impersonation (To misrepresent yourself as someone else) This rule also includes "mocking" names similar to that of another player. Keeping Distance from NPCs Do not go AFK within three cells of a Non Playable Character (NPC). This not only obstructs the NPC from view, but also makes it difficult to access for other players. In addition, warping yourself right on top of an NPC is against our rules. You do not have to have a chat open to be AFK, therefore if a GM deems it necessary they may warp you to another spot on the same map. Cheating or dishonest tactics in WoE (The use of underhanded methods to hinder your opponent's performance during WoE) The following are forbidden actions in WoE and will be accountable for a punishment: Breaking Bloody Branches and/or Dead Branches on WoE maps when WoE is active. Opening chats/vends around the emperium or any other sort of method to block the targeting of the emperium. (Obstructing the targeting of the emperium with your own character does not apply for punishment) Dealing, sending friend requests, sending party invites or any other sort of method to hinder an opponent's vision during WoE. Guild/Emblem Impersonation (To use a similar guildname and/or emblem to impersonate/mock another guild) Using another guild’s emblem/name or a modification of the emblem/name is forbidden at any time. Guild impersonation/mocking is not tolerated. All impersonations will be viewed as intentional and will be punished accordingly. Advertising other servers/games (to advertise a server unrelated to ForsakenRO's network): We do not pay for bandwidth so you can advertise your server(s). It's that simple. Please note that your IP address will be delivered to the advertised server's Game Master team, so a punishment is enforced in both servers. This is, of course, in our best efforts to prevent any type of server advertising and/or misunderstanding between servers. Potential hazard to the server (Anything that may affect ForsakenRO's server(s) or gameplay of the server(s).) Just because you don't find something stated as forbidden in this document, doesn't mean you should do it. The golden rule is to use your common sense. If your actions are deemed a hazard to the server, the Game Master team will take full action to prevent it, even if there is no statue in this document that forbids your actions. Alts in Battlegrounds Using an alternative account in battlegrounds to farm, or give yourself an advantage in any way. Forum Rules Spamming (to do short/incoherent/irrelevant posts) Posts containing only one word will be treated as spam, whether it is relevant to the topic or not. Keep personal one-on-one discussions out of threads - that is what the Private Messaging (PM) system is for. Please note: quoting another's post and re-posting it without any contribution or comment on the original poster's statement qualifies as spam and will be punished as such. Flaming (to insult other player's behaviors/looks/tastes) Provoking/"Baiting" This is an amendment to the rules prohibiting flaming. Provoking verbal fights is now a punishable offense. This includes, but is not limited to: creating posts intended to cause controversy, unrest, or a negative reaction; continuous personal conflicts with other members; and 'baiting' people into breaching a rule. Continued abuse will result in a ban from the forums. Pointless topics (Constantly posting topics that are, in no way, relevant to the subforum category they were posted on) Posting false server information (Posting false information about new items/quests/modifications or any other sort of topic that regards ForsakenRO as a server.) Signature rules Signature sizes should be short and not consist of any vulgar, pornographic or offensive pictures/words. Signatures should not advertise other servers nor promote usage of illegal programs. Allowed forum signature size: 300x300 px Avatar rules Pornography, Sexual Pictures, Vulgar Language, Advertisement, Racial slurs or promotion of illegal programs will not be tolerated. Member Impersonation (To misrepresent yourself as someone else) This rule also includes "mocking" names similar to that of another member. ForsakenRO's End User License Agreement ForsakenRO will provide a free Ragnarok Online gaming experience under a strict line of conditions. If you are to disagree with any of them please refrain from downloading our server patch, connecting to our server, or engage in communication with our community. Legal obligations: You agree that the ForsakenRO network and its staff are not obligated to part in any legal activities or actions pressed against you, which is induced through playing with our services. You agree to not download our patch and/or connect to our servers if condemned by Gravity Corp. You agree that the ForsakenRO network may press legal charges against you upon infringement of rules and/or policies regardless of whether your country's local laws covers such actions and/or reasons. Ownership of account: Though the player is entitled to an account, characters and so on. The staff of ForsakenRO reserves the rights to cease an account with proven reason/endorsement. The safe keeping of the players' accounts are sorely the responsibility of their corresponding owners. Game Masters are not obligated to (but shall) restore any stolen items which was lost due to the player's failure to protect his/her account (eg: theft). Game Masters are also not obligated to (but shall) restore any items lost due to technical issues/bugs that has been declared by Game Masters, but failed to reach the player due to any reasons. Though the best efforts of Game Masters will be put into the safe keeping of data, Game Masters ultimately could not be held responsible if data loss is to be induced through any reason. Code of conduct: Regardless of the player's efforts to become familiarized with this statement or the server rules, he/she must unconditionally conform to them. Regardless of condition, if the player is to breech any rules, the action then there for signifies that the player is willing to accept the corresponding punishment; denial and failure to co-operate with the justice procedure will result in more severe punishments upon discovery. (Breech of a rule is defined as: on an individual focus qualifying as in breech of a rule, meaning retaliation against a rule breech on an individual scale will be treated as a regular breech) The 'no excuse' policy: As a player of ForsakenRO you agree that if you are to, in action, satisfy conditions stated in any of our official documents you automatically and unconditionally agree to the corresponding material, that this agreement is acknowledgeable as a willingly made legal declaration and that you personally hold full legal responsibility to it regardless of your ability or efforts to be familiarized with these documents. Staff: The staff of ForsakenRO will attempt all within their reach to enforce the rules and maintain order, however if an issue is not reported and not noticed by staff then it is therefore acknowledged the staff is not responsible for the lack of enforcement for that particular incident. Game Masters will at all times attempt to maintain a degree of professionalism in their actions, failure to do so is tolerated given that there are no strong player objections. Staff are bound by the staff rules as well as player rules and no exception will be given in persecution if a breech is to come to be. Donation: The server will accept all willingly made donations. Donors are to review and understand the donation policy, the completion of the donation procedure signifies the person's agreement to this policy as well as the donation policy regardless of his/her ability to interpret and/or understand either documents. If you disagree with this section, please refrain from donating. Privacy statement: ForsakenRO will not disclose any of the information provided by the players to third parties, however inter-staff usage of account information within the server is acceptable, your personal information may be given to third parties if it were to happen that the user broke a rule (See Other-Server Advertisement). The staff reserves the rights to follow players in game with undetectable methods, given the correct reasons. The staff are also entitled to logging player behavior and/or chat history with the exception of private messaging with, of course, the correct reason. Universal Punishment You are subject to punishment for any and all offenses done on an alternate account on all of your accounts. In other words, do not try to make alternate accounts to break rules. You will be punished on both. Please note all rules mentioned here serve as guidelines for punishments and may vary on a case by case basis at the GM team's discretion. Additional Considerations Please note all punishments are final you may not use the Ticket System to debate your case, you may ask (ONLY ask) why you were punished. This also applies ingame: if you were punished, do not broadcast/put chats up/talk bad about it; simply make a ticket. All rules are subject to change at any time. ForsakenRO's staff is not obliged to (but shall) notify about the change of the rules. Best regards, The ForsakenRO Game Master team.
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