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    Good Day heres a Cheap Guide for new players who wants to earn tokens Zeny - is a good way to start farming for Forsaken tokens Zeny Farming is quite easy , you can farm for treasure box from Gold Acidus @ali 7444 for treasure Box and then @warp abyss_03 use a Merchant Class to sell zeny to NPC and convert them to coins which can be sold 1B zeny goes for 70 tokens, 500 M goes for 35 tokens or use zeny to enter MVP Rooms 60 M per spawn (which i recommend you doing it during float rates which are during weekends **higher drop rate) You can also farm for Yggdrasil Seeds just warp to for_bar 247 312 talk to renter and go for seed room . 1hr rental for Seed room is 100 M (recommend using Wizard for AOE skills) then convert the seeds to tickets to a NPC located @warp fcity 86 149 which then you can sell for 5 tickets for 1 token (1 ticket is 100 seeds) @ali 12405 for yggdrasil seeds or just @autoloot . **Best use Wiz or Sniper and Merchant to sell treasures to NPC 9 Realms Quest item https://forum.forsaken-ro.net/wiki/quests/storyline-q/fate-of-the-gods-ii-quest-beginning-r138 A set of these items sells for around 200 Tokens per set, a set consist of 9 each of the following : Dew of Yggdrasil - drops from Shinning Plant 10% chance Prophetess Ward - drops from Isilla 10% chance Ymir's Heart - drops from Argos 10% chance Mighty Strength - Sword Guardian 50% chance Elixir of Alfheim - Mavka 10% chance Cloud Essence - Gryphon 50% chance Spiritual Whispers - Valkyrie (Mini-boss) 50% chance Dusk Glow - Salamander 50% chance Damp Darkness - Chimera 50% chance Chills of Death - Bloody knight 50% chance you can use @whereis <monster> for the maps the spawn at. RATA CARD I just found out myself that RATA is a Custom MVP im seeing players selling the card for 400-600 Tokens each 2 Rata spawns @for_map16 [which you cannot be able to warp to] instead @warp storyline15 34 252 you need to go in and walk from there to the portal [need to find it] Matk + 10% , Max Hp - 5%, Matk +1% per refine rate, HP - 1% per refine rate Slot : Armor You should also loot Spittle of bird dropped by rata (someone says it sells for 2-3 tokens each) Credits : Medellin Cartel **Best use Bio and Wiz DARK MAZE RAIDER You'll see this on broadcast as they are hiring Raiders. All you need is a Bio and proper gear . The gear is simple . All you need is Forsaken Knight Armor set [Questable] +Newbie headgear set and L.Bio weapon [Questable]. CARDS Boots: 2 Green Ferus Card Armor: 1 Hatii Card + Silver TGK/Ghostring Card Cloak: 2 Raydric Card Shield: 1 Golden thief bug card [MVP] L.Weapon: 4 Kingring card Accessories: 2 Int Gaunts [Questable] You can get paid 50 Tokens per run. Credits : Medellin Cartel **Best use Bio and Wiz MVP HUNTING Simple. Hunt for Valuable Cards through MVP Hunting and sell them for tokens . (See you there mwuahahaha) Card prices vary depending on stock and demand. You can ask players for appraisal/price check or just compare prices on Broadcasts. Broadcaster is located @warp fcity 94 135 **Best use Sniper, Bio, Champion or Wiz ESSENCE OF FIRE Essence of fire is a custom drop used for making friggs shield - the strongest shield on the planet Can only be dropped by Detale or I call him Big Red - 10% chance Detale spawns at abyss_03 every 3 hrs A pc goes for 100 Tokens each (might go for more) **Best use sniper, Champion or Bio FARMING FOR ITEMS Some players are lazy rather rich they hire farmers for tokens to get items for them such as cobwebs, stat foods, seeds, berries and alot more (yes there are a lot of things to farm ingame) Some Players pay 10 tokens for every 1k pcs of a certain item (ex. Chivalry's emblem) some pay 10 tokens for every 100 pcs (ex.elastic band) This depends on the rarity of the item. (you can also Farm and supply an entire guild depending on your contract with client) **Best use Sniper or Wiz THANA ROOM Located @for_bar 157 216 in this one you need timing, precision and FAST NETWORK CONNECTION to enter. Thana card goes from around 1.9k? tokens it is a 1.4% chance drop (DREAM BIG) **Best use Sniper GAME EVENTS There are A LOT of events you can join you also get to read it on broadcasts. Hosted by our GMs or automated. Free tokens for the taking . @go 38 and you will see all of the events. You get to win mini-tokens and event tokens. PoriPori Catcher Poring Catcher Dice Event Emperium Race (PVP and Non-PVP) MVP Invasion Parasyte Event Egg Collector Wicked Fly Infestation Treasure Hunting Fight Night Circle of Madness Bloodbath Moroccan Sprint Lost Orbs Cluck! Cluck! Boom! Battle Royale Guild vs. Guild Survival Event Novice Dodgeball Poring Ball Dice Event v.2 Novice vs Zombie Last Man Standing (LMS Warper) Jumbled Password Conquest Guess the Monster Some Events are Hosted by Game masters themselves. WOE Or you can just join guild and get paid with tokens :V (this is not easy AT ALL) SOME TIPS: I recommend you to do Legendary weapon Quest , Forsaken Knight quest and Legendary Gauntlet quest http://forum.forsaken-ro.net/topic/31485-legendary-weapon-quest-guide/?tab=comments#comment-330817 https://forum.forsaken-ro.net/wiki/quests/storyline-q/forsaken-knight-quest-r36/ https://forum.forsaken-ro.net/wiki/quests/headgear-quests/legendary-gauntlet-quest-r131/ You can also pm me ingame for some starter Cards, im giving awat Silver Mvp Cards . Some Quest Items are sold on the market @go 37. What are these you see on broadcasts? S> = Selling B> = Buying T> = Trading OT> = Out of Topic PC> = Price Check LF> = Looking for Also dont forget to Vote here https://cp.forsaken-ro.net/ Vote for Credits , and redeem points for Vote Gears. WELL THIS ARE JUST SOME INFOS AND WAYS OF GETTING TOKENS DEPENDING ON WHAT OR HOW YOU DO IT INGAME ILL TRY TO UPDATE THIS IF I FIND ANY OTHER COOL WAYS.
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    Cool. Thank you for providing tips for newbies.
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    Hello guys! I just made a short tribute video to the game I love since then! I don't play that much because of work but when I have break from work I always play ForsakenRO I never get tired of playing it since then! I play ForsakenRO since 2014-2015 but all my friends (IRL) stop playing it but I never did! Fro has a spot in my heart and even tho I play less lately, I'll never get tired of it! and ya sorry for the long chit chat but here's the video I made with my free time off work and I hope you guys enjoy it ^_^ (PS. sorry if I lack footage inside the PVP arena field I apologize to that but I tried going inside when many players are in but I don't last that long inside because I'm weak hahaha but hey! next time I'll try to record inside the PVP room without fainting fast!)
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    same here, the video edit quite good already, it just i'm gonna throw out my breakfast... *puke *headache
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    I can't feel my eyes😂😂😅😅 And i feel dizzy
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    Fixed decription of Specialty headgears on the tokenshop. Fixed issue where you could not use certain consumable items in the Lair Dungeons. Disabled storage in formap20 (Aegir's Bless) Added new Monthly collectibles to the tokenshop. Added new Brutal, Striking and Magical viarants to the tokenshop. Adjusted PvP Ladder Schedule to 11:00 -> 12:00 PM on Sundays. Enabled Kaite skill in WoE Maps. Lowered player requirements in BG and exchange rates for rewards. Increased delay of Gunslinger Desperado by 2x. Fixed issue with Gunslinger Tracking having a large after act delay. Reduced Gjaller requieements for Gudrun. Lessened the weight of Forsaken Belts and Legendary Gauntlets. Fixed bug with Poring Ball that prevented the ball from returning to center. Updated all non-donation ring stats to correspond with their donation variants. PvP Ladder now dispells buffs from Gospel (Battle Chant). PvP Ladder now dispells buffs from Song of Lutie. PvP Ladder now dispells buffs from Kaizel. PvP Ladder now dispells buffs from Magic Strings. Divine Instinct now grants + 10% damage with Double Strafe for Snipers. Divine Instinct now grants + 10% damage with Desperado for Gunslingers. Conquest Event is now limited to 5 minutes. Fixed issue with Lord Knight Rings not giving correct Brandish Spear buff. Removed -50% SP effect from Moring Card. Forsaken Knight only has a single Thief requirement now. Added new colors to Mythical Flames in the tokenshop. Updated Legendary Weapon stats in the Wiki. Added new Login screen. Thank you to everyone who helped with these changes!
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    Well done with your Sniper, maybe you can make High Wizard to do some quest and farming job. There is plenty of quest you can finish in order to gear up, like Blessed or Cursed Ring, Frigg Shield etc. and welcome back ^^
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    -El's Full Focused Arrow Strike Build Guide- Contents: •Introduction •Build for Full FAS/ Full DS •Gears for Sniper in PvP/MvP/Raid •Advice/Tips •Advice/Tips in PvPing •Questions •Conclusion Update (2019): Before I start I want you to know that this guide is already outdated because of tons of changes that happened but you can still use this as your guidance in developing a Full FAS Sniper build even though there has been a lot of changes. I quit the game for like 6 years and I just came back. I will only edit the guide to make it more comprehensible. I'm still learning the changes that occurred in the game while I was gone and after that I will include it here in this guide. Update (2020): Hello guys! Since I've been playing again here in Fro for awhile I managed to cope up with the changes and I put all the knowledge that I learned in my guide. In short this guide is updated but not yet fully updated! I'll do my best to make this guide up to date as possible! Thank you for all the support you guys gave with this guide! INTRODUCTION: SNIPER is one of the most famous meta class and dangerous range killer in the game. In this guide we will focus on FOCUSED ARROW STRIKE SKILL ----> but I'll also put Double Strafe build here for additional information. What is FOCUSED ARROW STRIKE? FAS is a skill THAT CRITS! In short FAS has a chance to critical (example: 5k is your normal damage vs critical: 9k is your critical) What this guide will teach you is how to make your FAS consistently doing critical damage and also how to make it stronger! So we only have two questions here: How to make your FAS consistently doing critical damage and how to make it stronger? 1. HOW TO MAKE YOUR FOCUS ARROW STRIKE CONSISTENT (MEANING CONTINUOUSLY DOING CRITICAL DAMAGE!) It all depends on your Status Build (ALT+A) and your Equipments (Weapon, Cards etc) After a very long test run and experiments I finally conclude that you need exactly 101 Critical to make your FAS consistent. Note: Critical is connected to Luck Stats! 3 Luk is equal to 1 Crit! •Making my Crit 101 in the most conservative way Remember we must conserve our status points and not waste it. Before putting all your stats points in Luck I want you to know that Sniper has skill buffs that adds critical. First is the Falcon Eyes will give you +10 Crit and your skill FAS per se already gives you +20 crit (meaning when you're using skill FAS it already adds automatically +20 crit). So with these two buff skill it already gives you +30 Crit. And if you're a rich person buy some Frey Gaunts or the Dex Curse/Dex Blessed Acce that is slotted and put 2x Ifrit cards (1 Ifrit card gives you 25 crit IF YOU'RE JOB LVL 255 because the card is based on your JOB LVL) that will give you +50 crit. So let's see the equation: Falcon Eyes 10 Crit + FAS 20 Crit+ 2x Ifrit cards 50 Crit= 80 CRIT! Nice right? Now just add few Luk to make your Critical 101! NOTE: Before editing your status build better equip your default gears first! I suggest you equip first the Ship Hat (Activity Item) because this hat increases your FAS damage drastically and also this item has different bonus compared to the Forsaken Valkyrie Helm or other 2 slotted Helm! But beware on using Ship hat since you're not wearing fsold card so you're at risk on getting stone curse by prof or any class wearing puppetring card in their armor. HOW TO TEST YOUR FAS IF IT'S CONSISTENT: I suggest you go to Emperium Arena (Talk to Warp Service>Custom Maps>Emperium Arena) and test it inside. If you noticed that your damage fluctuates (ex: 30K>30K>50K>30k>50K>50K) meaning your FAS is not yet consistent. Your damage should be consistent (ex: 50k>50k>50k>50k). 2. HOW TO MAKE YOUR FOCUS ARROW STRIKE STRONGER! Well, again my friend as the skill description said FAS is a skill that crits right? So you need a CARD that makes crit stronger! So what's that card? PAPER CARD! (ama_dun03) And of course you need a good weapon at least Legendary Weapon (Quest item) but Valkyrie Weapon (Donation Item but can be purchase to players) is preferable obviously. You need 2x Paper card and put it in your weapon and ALSO 2x TURTLE GENERAL CARD(tur_dun04) Note: It's not just the cards mention above that make your FAS stronger but also the OVERALL EQUIPMENT you are using! And some consumables also! (Aloe Vera and +10/20 Dex food!) Note: The FAS skill damage always varies depending on the equipment and buffs of the player you're encountering! (ex. A player wearing a blessed accessory will reduce FAS damage or a paladin using defending aura will make FAS weak.) So without further ado the build below is my SUGGESTION BUILD so only follow this build if you have no idea what stats to invest. This is only a guidance and not your permanent build! Make your own build after you master everything that is stated in this guide! Every player has their own unique build! -MY SUGGESTION BUILD- •BUILD FOR FULL FAS• Str: 70-100 (or make sure you can carry sufficient seeds/berry or other consumables.) Agi: ASPD 195 Vit: Put all your remaining stats to vit.(Have at least 280k-300k above HP) Dex: 290-divisible to 10 Int: 0-20 (for SP purposes only) Luk: Critical 101 •Build for Full Double Strafe• (I'm not a DS user but I have a little experience in using DS and this is my build!) Str: 70-100 Agi: ASPD 195 Vit: Put all your remaining stats to vit. Dex: 290-divisible to 10 Int: 0-20 Luk: 0 -MY SUGGESTION GEARS FOR SNIPER- •Basic Gears and Cards• Headgear: Forsaken Knight Helm [2]/Vote Forsaken Helm [2] [Cards: 2xKiel, Forsaken soldier+Kiel], Ship Hat/Ship Hat Variant [Card:Kiel] Lower Headgear: Vote Cape [1] [Cards: Forsaken soldier, Maya Purple, Kiel] Middle Headgear: Legendary LHZ Aura, Legendary Zodiac Aura any good equip that is cheap [Cards: Forsaken soldier, Maya Purple, Kiel] Armor: Forsaken Knight Armor/ Vote Forsaken Armor [Cards: Ghostring+Tao] Cloak: Forsaken Knight Cloak/ Vote Forsaken Cloak [Cards: Skoll+Raydric] Footgear: Forsaken Knight Boots/ Vote Forsaken Boots [Cards: 2xFallen Bishop Hibram, 2x Silver FBH] Accessory: Legendary Dex Belt, Dex Belt [Cards: ----- ] Weapon: Legendary Sniper Bow [Cards: 2xTurtle General+2x Paper (Full FAS), 3xTurtle General+Skeleton Worker/Incantation Samurai, 2xTurtle General+Skeleton Worker+Incantation Samurai (Double Strafe)] Shield: 2x Forsaken Knight Shield/ Vote Forsaken Shield [Cards: Usakoring and GTB/Maya] (You need at least 2 shield for switching purposes! Usakoring and GTB shield is a must!) Arrow: Legendary Immaterial Arrow, Legendary Shadow Arrow, Legendary Holy Arrow (Players love to switch armor to change their element so you need at least 3 arrows for switching purposes to counter their element armor!) •Semi Gears and Cards• (I shortcut the other terms to not make it very long check them above to understood the shortcut terms!) Headgear: Fhelm, Ship Hat, Limited helm, Imperial Helm [Cards: 2xKiel, Fsold+Kiel,Kiel+ MayaP] Lower Headgear: Sniper Cape, ND Cursed ring, Sniper Cursed ring [Cards: Kiel, Fsold, Maya P] Middle Headgear: ROP, Emp, Skull aura [Cards: Kiel, Fsold, Maya P] Note: Ship Hat is for switching. It's not necessary to default this headgear. You don't want to get stoned by a prof or any class with puppetring especially by a champ right? Armor: Farmor [Cards:Tao+GR, 2xTao, RSX+GR, Evil Druid+Tao, Angeling+Tao, 2xOL or OL+GR] (You need at least 3-4 switches in armor] Cloak: Fcloak [Cards: Sinx Card+Skoll or Raydric, 2xRaydric, 2xSkoll, 2x Deviling, 2xPouring] (Your default cloak should be Sinx Card+Skoll or Ray. At least 3-4 switches in cloak. ) Footgear: Fboots [Cards: 2xFBH] Accessory: 2x Freyr Gaunts [Cards: 2xIfrit, Ifrit+Marine, 2xDexRune, Ifrit+Horong] Weapon: Sniper SB [Cards: 2xTG+2xPaper] [3xTG/2xTG+Skel+Thana (For DS) ] Shield: Friggs Shield [Cards: Usakoring, GTB, Maya] (You need at least 2 switches in shield) Arrow: L.imma, L.holy, L.shadow, (bring an extra arrow for emergency) •META GEARS/CARDS COMBO Headgear: Divine Instinct [Cards: Kiel+Fsold]/Ship Hat/Variant Ship Hat [Cards:Kiel, Any LTD Headgear [Cards:Kiel+Fsold] Lower Headgear: Sniper Cursed/Variant Sniper Cursed Ring [Cards: Kiel] Middle Headgear: GVG/BR Emp, Hurricane Aura, Blazing Aura [Cards:Kiel] Armor: Dragonist Armor [Cards: Tao+Evil Druid (Anti Stone but risky if facing champs), GR+TAO, Eleanor+GR/Evil Druid] Note: You need to be a dragonist first to gain the effect of Dragonist armor (Check in the forums how to be a dragonist) Cloak: Fcloak [Cards: Sinx Card+Skoll or Raydric, 2xRaydric, 2xSkoll, 2x Deviling, 2xPouring] (Your default cloak should be Sinx Card+Skoll or Ray. At least 3-4 switches in cloak. ) Note: Switch to 2x Pouring if you're confident enough because you're thana bait if you're wearing 2x Pouring. (Pouring card increases your FAS and DS damage) Footgear: Fboots [Cards: 2xFBH] Accessory: Dex Curse or Dex Bless [Cards: 2xIfrit, Ifrit+Marine, 2xDexRune, Ifrit+Horong] Note: Dex Curse is for Full damage, Dex Bless for survivability Weapon: Sniper SB [Cards: 2xTG+2xPaper] [3xTG/2xTG+Skel+Thana (For DS) ] [Meta: 2xTG+Paper+VR] Shield: Friggs Shield [Cards: Usakoring, GTB, Maya] (You need at least 2 switches in shield) Arrow: L.imma, L.holy, L.shadow, (bring an extra arrow for emergency) Enchantment: Dex, Vit/Max HP, Luk Note: You need to be Dragonist Rank 5 before you can enchant books. (Check in the forums how to rank) Volund: Apply for volund (You need 6 Donate weapons and 6 Capes) Attack 6% and HP 6% Cost of Sniper's Equipments (based on the current market price 2020) Cost of Basic Gears Headgear (Upper/Middle/Lower): Upper: Fknight helm (do the fknight quest to get this free) Middle: Legendary Auras (LHZ/Mythical/Ozod) (30-50 tokens depends on the color) Lower: Vote cape (you only need vote points for this) Weapon: Legendary Sniper bow (40-50 tokens this is questable) Armor: Fknight armor (Free) Boots: Fknight boots (Free) Cloak: Fknight cloak (Free) Shield: Fknight shield (Free) Accessory: Legendary dex gaunts (15-20 tokens this is questable) Cost of Semi Gears: Headgear (Upper/Middle/Lower) Upper: Ship Hat/Variant (400 Activity tokens just afk in game for 400 hours) LTD headgears expansion (800-1.5k tokens depends on the variant) LTD WoE imperial helms (800-1.5k tokens) Lower: Rune of Power aurora (1k tokens) Original zodiac aurora (800-1k tokens) LTD WoE emperium aurora Tier 1(Green/Purple/Orange 1.5k-2k tokens) Tier 2(Blue/Gray/Pink/Amber/Gold 2.5k-3k tokens) Tier 3(Red/Sky blue/Violet 5k-6k tokens) Weapon: Sniper soaring bird bow (1.8k-2k tokens) Armor: Farmor (90 tokens) Cloak: Fcloak (90 tokens) Boots: Fboots (90 tokens) Shield: Fshield (90 tokens) or Friggs (600-750 tokens this is questable) Accessory: Freys gaunts (2.7k-3k tokens) Cost of Meta Gears Headgears (Upper/Middle/Lower) Upper: Divine Instinct (20k-23k tokens) Middle: Battle Royale Emps (30k-40k tokens) GvG Emps (15k-20k tokens) Yin Yang auroras (11k-13k tokens) Tempest auroras (6k-7k tokens) Hurricane auroras (5k-6k tokens) Lower: Sniper Cursed ring (2.3k-2.5k tokens) Sniper Cursed Variants (2.5k-3k tokens) Armor: Dragonist armor (7k-8k tokens) Weapon/Cloak/Boots/Shield: (Same in semi gears) Accessory: Dex cursed accessory (7k tokens or 4k tokens plus freys) Dex blessed accessory (10k-11k tokens or 7k plus freys) Extra: Enchantment books: 1k-1.3k tokens Volund: (Buy unwanted weapons or capes/rings for cheaper prices) 1.5k-1.7k Unwanted weps/ 2k unwanted rings/capes each Eleanor card: 10k-12k tokens Note: The prices above mention always change depending on the supply and demand also donation ratio has a factor in the prices also and beware to those overprice/lowball players in game better ask a trusted friend/guild mate for the prices if you're unsure of it. •Gears for MvPing• Just change the cards of your weapon to 2x Abysmal Knight card/ 2x Paper and in armor use 2xGloom (Depends on what race is the mvp) or Tao+GR. And use an anti element arrow on what type of element the mvp (Look below the element weaknesses). • Gears, Cards, Monsters and Arrows to use in Gates of Hell and Aegirs Raid• Snipers are useful in raid so if you're planning to join let me give you some tips. You only need to change the cards in your Boots. Remove the 2x FBH (Monster there are not Demi or Angel Type) and use 2x GEC for more HP and SP or Dwiz+GEC. And your headgear should be Ship hat (If you already have it) for more damage. And bring a bow with Coma because you can coma MVP inside the raid or also try using the Hylozoist card it transform the enemy to another weak mobs which is effective in MVP in raid. Bring Cspeed and maximize your capacity so you could carry more Seeds or any consumables with you. •GOH monsters and what arrow to use (Forgot what wave this monsters will appear)• •Gallion [use Water Arrow] •Necromancer [use Imma Arrow] •Evil Druid [use Imma Arrow] •Majorous [use Water Arrow] •Phendark [use Wind Arrow] •Injustice [use Imma Arrow] •Lord of Death (A MVP monster so better use a coma bow and Imma Arrow) •Mistress of Shelter [use Shadow Arrow] •Baroness of Retribution [use Holy Arrow] •Wraith Dead [use Imma Arrow] •Wraith [use Holy Arrow] •Hodremlin [use Imma Arrow] •Gremlin [use Holy Arrow] •Banshee [use Earth Arrow] •Nightmare [use Water Arrow] •Garm (A MVP monster so better use a coma bow and Imma Arrow) •Skogul (Use Earth Arrow) •Frus [use Water Arrow] •Chimera (A MVP monster so better use a coma bow and Fire Arrow) •Kades (A MVP monster so better use a coma bow and Imma Arrow) (I'm not sure if this is all the mobs in GOH) •Aegirs Raid monsters and what arrow to use• •1st Wave Seaweed/Sropho/Red Euruma [This 3 mobs are Ghost so just use Imma Arrow in this wave] •2nd Wave Coelacanth [use Imma Arrow] Mutant Coelacanth [use Water Arrow] •3rd Wave King Dramoh [use Imma Arrow] Kraken Leg [use Earth Arrow] •4th Wave Kraken (A MVP monster so better use a coma bow and Imma Arrow) Note: I haven't tried the new raids like Blackwitch etc so I still can't give some advice for those raids. ADVICE/TIPS FOR TODAY'S META (2020) Note: Everything listed here are based on my experiences no need to follow if you have your own style! 1. The very first advice that I can give you is to have PINGZAPPER and Gaming Mouse/Keyboard. These two are indispensable because today's meta you need to have a good ping and spam not unlike before my time we all just do manual hands but now we use PZ and Gmouse/keyboard to spam your skill faster. The more you spam fast the deadlier you are. Also having pingzapper will reduce the lag in game. Note: Using this two I mention is legit and it's not illegal. The only illegal is the software that can be download in the net etc. 2. Don't forget to use TRAPS. Ankle Snare to stun lock the enemy in one cell. This trap is useful in woe. Also Skid trap to throw away your enemy or you can use this to your own advantage like stepping on it (Cannot be used in woe). 3. Be sneaky and don't expose yourself too much. Use Assassin's Card to enable the use of Cloaking lvl 3. Always hide yourself and surprise them. 4. Always have a bow with coma and VR card on it. If you're dealing with a undying opponent coma him or if someone has 2x buff then dispel him. 5. I advice you to turn off your Auto attack /nc because there are instances when you're spamming then suddenly you normal attack your opponent. 6. Remove your Falcon. Same in no.5. Falcon will auto blitz so it will auto attack and your spam in FAS will be affected. 7. Utilize all your sniper skills. Try using Arrow Repel to throw away your enemy away from you or use Arrow Shower to pop out those who are hiding. By the way Improve Concentration has a effect that could be detect enemy that is hiding "near you". 8. How can i use ship hat that i don't get stoned? Use evil druid card (Remember you can't make 2 elements in your armor. It doesn't stack. So GR+Evil Druid doesn't stack. Better use Tao+Evil druid or other cards. But beware in champs you'll be one hit by asura. And neutral elements skill hurts alot to you if you use this element so be careful. 9.Don't just use 3 arrows better bring extra like fire,water or wind. 10. You're running or chasing on an enemy? Try doing this. Use skid trap in front/back/sides or anywhere but must be near you and step on it. The effect is like you used snap but you need to know how to use it. Step on the arrow ''<'' or the less than to move forward. If you step in a wrong side of the trap it will throw you slant, like backslide or anywhere. Or just use common sense. Where the arrow point that's where you go. (Cannot be used in WoE) 11. Can't kill your enemy? Full Reducts player killing/trolling you? Then carry an extra bow [L.bow is good] and put 3x Lord of Dead Card and Valkryie Randgris Card on it and hit your enemy and wait until he dies with your coma. 12. Can I use any Auras for my sniper? Yes any auras will do. The damage output of any auras are similar or almost similar. This is tested already. 13. If you want your FAS to spam faster get a buff from Gypsy/Clown which is the skill Magical Strings. This will make your spam faster than before but beware once you get dispelled this buff will also be remove and it has time limit only. 14. When you're in woe try getting 2x attack in a pally so you could wipe everyone inside the castle and also try getting a devo so you could survive the clash. ADVICE/TIPS IN PVPING FOR TODAY'S META Note: Everything listed here are based on my experiences dueling back in 2013-2014 when I was active and there's been a huge changes in gameplay today so these tips might not be applicable anymore but it's on you if you want to follow it. In my observation and experience in today's meta every class you face are hard to deal with but you can still apply these tips that I mentioned. It's all up to you how you utilize everything you've learned to beat your opponent. •Dueling a Sniper• Difficulty: Medium Most sniper used ship hat right? And there damage is high. So how to make that char don't use ship hat? You need switches. First you need to stone him using puppetring card. Then of course he will switch in his FSOLD. So his damage is now low. If he doesn't have FSOLD his dead. Don't just Spam FAS to him and wait who runs out of seeds. This fight is so common and BORING. You should at least make a technique like cloaking and repelling him or stripping or whatever. Just don't spam FAS only. •Dueling an Assassin Cross (Crit Type)• Difficulty: Medium In my own experience in dueling a crit type sinx i really don't have a problem on them. But i notice other snipers always die on them when the sinx already got them. So my tips for you guys when dueling a sinx is this. Crit type sinx need to approach you to kill you right? So the best counter attack for them is using a knife/dagger with a VR card (dispel effect. See my no.4 advice/tips above for more info) so that if they melee attack you they'll be dispelled and they need to recast their buffs or use converters. That's the time for you to make a move. •Dueling an Assassin Cross (Sonic blow type)• Difficulty: Medium SB Sinx type are one of the most dangerous opponent you will encounter. My advice for you is always use cloaking and cspeed and avoid them on getting near you. Remember if they got near you you're dead. Expect that their always in cloak so you should be fast on uncloaking them and spamming FAS/DS on them. They have no shield so your damage will be high on them. And use ankle snare or skid trap. •Dueling a Gunslinger• Difficulty: Easy GS are very easy to defeat ''for me''. Use angeling card in your armor with tao card to reduce their damage (depends on what element they use). If they desperado you just repel them. If they use rapid shower just spam your FAS to them. If they use RSX use skid trap or cspeed to avoid them when they'll use desperado. GS run out seeds faster. •Dueling a Professor• Difficulty: Easy This class is dangerous if you're not fast on switching shields. My only advice is use GTB and spam your FAS/DS. Beware other prof uses Stave crasher if you use gtb and they'll use blinding mist to decrease or make miss of your damage. •Dueling a Lord Knight• Difficulty: Hard LK has a huge amount of HP you must always expect that. They have some buffs that will make you miss. They got melee, range skill and have debuff skill too. They are a little hard opponent. My tips for you is always bring your dispel knife and your coma bow. Surround yourself a ankle snare/skid trap. Always cloak and be wise. If they got near use your knife if they're really hard to beat for you then use your coma bow. If they notice your using a coma bow they'll switch to gtb then that's the time for you to spam FAS to own him. •Dueling a Biochemist• Difficulty: Medium Not that hard opponent. Use this anti-bio set (2xDev,Gtb,RSX[if you don't have FCP]) and Spam FAS/DS to him. Remember they can carry extra seeds in their cart and they can FCP themselves so stripping is useless to them. Most bio's use cloaking so you need to bring a maya P helm to see them. Their weapon has a coma effect so be aware. Dispel knife is not that effective to them. So be wise on dueling a biochemist. •Dueling a Champion• Difficulty: Hard Okay this class is hard to duel. Champ has an anti-range (pneuma) and anti-melee (Root). So it's hard for you to FAS him or use a knife on him and they have Ruwach so hiding is useless and they got Snap to chase you. This is very a hard class to duel (depends on what kind of player you dueling). You need to be wise. What i advice you to do is make a distance to him. Always run if he snap on you. When you spam FAS on him surely he will use pneuma. If you're fast enough to do the skid trap + arrow shower then do it. But if not try getting near on him a little not too close like a gap to his asura and he will asura you. Once his out of his pneuma and his gonna asura you use Arrow Repel fast then spam FAS to him. If he use pneuma again use cloaking then he will use Ruwach and asura or tss you. If he uncloak you he can't asura you because asura has a delay if he uses snap. After he snap and uncloak you Spam FAS to him and quickly repel him. Always remember don't let him close to you. Traps are kinda useless because he'll just snap and the traps will be automatically be destroyed but i think Skid trap will works. Just be wise on your movements and always make a distance on a champ. Don't use Ship Hat because he will definitely gonna use stone armor to stone you. •Dueling a Clown/Gypsy• Difficulty: Medium Clown is a little annoying when dueling on them. They can coma you, stone you and decrease your damage using Tarot Card of Fate skill. My advice to you is always make ready of your gtb. If he can't kill you on his Arrow vulcan he'll gonna use Tarot. So if he uses Tarot switch fast on gtb so you won't get coma and while his spamming tarot on you spam your FAS on him. Always cloak so he can't spam his AV on you. If he gets near and he uncloak you use Arrow repel and Spam FAS. If his hard to kill use your coma bow or use your knife. •Dueling a Whitesmith• Difficulty: Medium This class has a very fast spam, has anti-range (Pneuma), can break an armor and has range skill too. My advice for you when dealing with a Whitesmith is like the same in dealing on a Champion Class but not that hard opponent (Read my advice for Champ). Remember he needs to use a Elemental Converters to make his damage decent. So if he gets near to you switch fast in your knife and dispel him. Once his been dispel Spam your FAS and Repel him. Just don't make him get near to you because he can kill you very fast with his spam of Cart Termination. Traps and Cloaking are useful. Use your skills wisely. •Dueling a Stalker (Dex type)• Difficulty: Easy Stalkers are not that hard opponent especially those dex type. Your only problem with them is their skill Full Strip. You need to defeat them before your Full Chemical Protection runs or else you'll be stripped and die. But in case you run out of FCP your only choice is to repel him and avoid getting near him. Traps is kinda useless because he can remove traps. And stalker can copy a skill. If you're dealing with a stalker that has a skill of Flipping Tatami (Anti-Range) use your knife and dispel him then Spam your FAS so he will copy your FAS skill and his flip tatami skill will be removed. When your dealing with a magic user stalker type just use GTB and kill him ASAP to avoid getting strip. •Dueling a Stalker (Reduct type)• Difficulty: Easy This type of a stalker is an annoying one. You got low damage because of their reduct equipment, always normal attack you with a Triple attack and coma you using a coma bow. My advice to you is avoid getting coma. Use a gtb and most reduct stalker equipment has no anti freeze. So use a bow with a stormy knight card and lod. And normal attack him till he dies to your coma. If he uses gtb to avoid getting coma then that's the time you Spam FAS to him. •Dueling a Paladin (Tanker type)• Difficulty: Hard This class is one of the most annoying class you'll encounter. To be honest i just ignore them because most pally's are just tanker anyway but if there's no choice then you need to fight him. Pally's have a skill called Defending aura that has a reduct for range attacks/skills and the Guard skill that blocks incoming physical damage. What you must do is try to dispel him by using a knife. Once he got dispelled spam FAS to him. The strategy here is to annoy him and wait for him to use gtb. Once he uses gtb that's the time you spam your FAS to him. You can use your coma bow if no choice. Stripping him is a little useless because he can use Battle Chant to remove the strip effect. •Dueling a Paladin (Grand Cross Type)• Difficulty: Medium This type of paladin is not that hard to duel. They got low hp compare of Tank Paladin. Just repel him if he gets near you or just use gtb or angeling to counter his GC. You can use your dispel to him because most GC type paladin uses MB to increase their damage. Use Skid trap instead of Ankle Snare because they'll use magnum break if they got caught in AS Trap to break the trap. •Dueling a High Wizard• Difficulty: Easy Not hard to fight with. Use GTB and spam your skills to him. If his in high reduct use a bow with SK, LOD card or use coma bow. Beware of HW that's using Stave with thana, it hurts if you don't have skolls on. •Dueling a Super Novice• Difficulty: Medium Most SN are magic type but there are others who are in hybrid type (Magic+Mammonite) and they have high HP. Use GTB to counter his magic and if he'll Mammo you use Arrow Repel or Traps. He will try to strip you or coma you too so beware. Always be wise. •Dueling a Ninja• Difficulty: Hard This class is one of the most hardest opponent you'll faced. You can't easily kill him because he has anti range (Flip Tatami) and you can't melee him too (Cicada --). So what i need you to do is be a ninja too. What i mean is always hide. Don't show yourself to him. If he uncloaks you you counter him. Try to corner him into the wall but it's gonna be hard because he can leap. You need timing here, if you saw him walks his skill Flip tatami will be gone so that's the time you spam FAS to him. Overall use all your technique to beat this class. •Dueling Star Gladiator and Soul Linker• Difficulty: Easy This two class is very rare to see in PvP field but if you ever encounter them well all i can say is they're very easy. Most Star Gladiator uses thana so be careful, his Flying Kick really hurts. Just use your knife with dispel and dispel him to remove his buffs then spam your FAS to him. If he gets near use arrow repel. Traps are uselss because he can get near to you using flying kick. Soul Linker always leap around. It's hard to point click at them but if you got them they're dead. They got very low HP.+ But you need to kill them twice though because he has auto resu. Use GTB because they're magic users. Note: Becoming a PRO will take some time. Always practice and never get bored of your class. Avoid switching class, you need to stick in one at first. Always remember never underestimate your opponent -Questions and Answers- •Do I seriously need to make my damage in FAS consistent? Yes of course! You would rather have a solid damage than fluctuating damage right? •Can I just used both FAS and DS build? Yes, you can. Just switch between Sniper Cursed Ring to Sniper Blessed Ring and also switch your FAS weapon to DS weapon or vice versa. •Do I really need to have those meta gears to become strong? They're too expensive for me! No it isn't necessary. To be honest with you having a semi gears are already enough. You can already compete with the others who are fully geared just by using these semi gears. Meta gears is not that bad to have if you want to maximize the potential damage of your FAS but some auras like BR/GvG emps are for fashion/style purposes only. •What brand of gaming mouse or gaming keyboard is the best? The most affordable one? There are a lot of gaming mouse in the store but majority prefers the logitech brand since it's less complicated to use and also it's budget friendly. Razer brand is also good but a little expensive. There are also cheap brands but I don't advice them since they're a little complicated to use and its macro spam is not that good compare to logitech. •I already have a gaming mouse but I don't know how to use this! Setting up your macro for the first time is a little complicated. Better ask a friend/guildmate who has knowledge in this to help you or just experiment with the macro delays. Just remember the lower the delay the faster you spam. Too low will make your client stutter so be careful. The higher the delay the slower you spam. •I already have a pingzapper but I don't know which tunnel to use! The best tunnel for you is actually the continent or where you live. If you're from Asia then better stick to the Asia tunnel since this tunnel will offer you the lowest ping. •I'm using this tunnel and my spam is good with this skill but why is my other skill won't spam as fast as the other? Unfortunately not all skill will spam fast in the same tunnel. Some skills got a better spam from other tunnels so better experiment with this. •Is thana useless in FAS?• No it isn't. You can still use thana but since majority uses skolls, thana has less damage compare to your default cards but it's still effective to the thana baits (ex:support class, tank class etc). •I get anxious or nervous when pvping or in woe! How can I overcome this? It's normal to get nervous especially when it's your first time using a class and even if you're a pro already you still get anxious. Even I get nervous all the time. This is a natural response to us especially when you're still not confident on your skills. So the answer for this is to always practice, be better than before and face your fears and sooner or later you'll overcome these feelings. •Should I learn Battlemode?• Yes. Learning the battlemode is a must. You need this for faster switching items and using other skill (ex. Traps). •What's more better FAS or DS?• Both actually! Others uses FAS for multiple enemies especially in WoE. DS for 1 vs 1 but it all depends on how to use them. •Does ping affect my spam?• Yes. Other players who are near to the server can spam FAS more faster than the others. And others who are far away in the server spam slower than the others. Pingzapper is the solution for this. •I have a good internet connection but I have high ping and I get laggy all the time! How to solve this? It depends on where you live or where country are you from. Even though you have good internet connection but you are far away from the server you'll get a high ping hence getting lag in the game. The only solution for this is to get a pingzapper or migrate near the server. •I'm so laggy in game especially in woe even though I'm using a pingzapper! Try changing your tunnel in pingzapper this actually helps but sometimes we can't avoid getting lag either there's a problem in the server or there's a lot of players online in woe because the server can't handle it. •Easiest opponent for sniper?• Well if you're already fully geared then you can easily kill the players using just basic gears but always remember don't ever underestimate your opponent. Always treat them as a threat. •Hardest opponent for sniper?• Every class. Remember never underestimate your opponent. •What is the weakness of fire, ghost, shadow element etc?• Fire is weak to Water. Water is weak to Wind. Wind is weak to Earth. Earth is weak to Fire. Holy is weak to Shadow. Shadow is weak to Holy. Undead is weak to Holy and Fire (use Holy if you have the option). Ghost is weak to Ghost, but don't use Neutral (Void = non-elemental stuff). Neutral isn't weak to anything, but don't use Ghost. •What's more better Sniper Cursed ring or Sniper Blessed ring?• These two rings has different usage. Sniper Cursed ring is for FAS user while Sniper Blessed ring is for DS user. •FAS user vs DS user who will win? Both skill has almost similar output damage so for me the wisest will win. Also conserve your pots because if you run out of pots well you're probably dead. •Dex cursed acce or Dex blessed acce? In my opinion I prefer dex bless because it gives you a good redux making your sniper tanky. Dex curse will increase your FAS damage up to 10k it's good if you look at it but in today's gameplay you'd rather be tanky but it's on you. •Which is better to use for Sniper, Seeds or Berry? Both has pros and cons. Seed is less weight compare to berry meaning you can carry more seeds compare to berries but it can only recover half of your HP and SP. Berry has twice the weight compare to seeds so you can only carry few of it but it can recover your HP and SP to full. Seed is good in pvping but not reliable in clash especially in woe. Berry is good in clash especially in woe but not reliable in pvping. •Can I use this build in my stalker?• Yes. If you're a FAS type. But if i were you I'll just go sniper and go full fas. •How to counter Sniper?• By changing the element of your armor. •Is Sniper effective in WoE?• Yes apparently. They are useful on defending castle or holding the enemies to get near the emp by using ankle snare traps. The only disadvantage of sniper in woe is that you can't see your damage inside the castle hence you don't know if you're using the right arrow to your enemies also sniper is squishy and you'll die easily in clashes. •Is Sniper good to use in MvP hunting?• Yes, Sniper is commonly used for mvping since they have a good damage output to mvp mobs. (look above the mvp gears for sniper) •I'm still a starter. Should I buy Sniper Soaring Bird first?• No, save your tokens first and buy the legendary version of sniper SB which is L.bow. L.bow and Sniper SB has only a little difference. (L.bow is the 90% version of Sniper SB) •Is it really necessary to have a pingzapper and gmouse/keyboard? What if I can't afford it?• Yes for me because without these two your spam is really slow so you'll have a hard time killing your opponent and also pingzapper reduces the lag in game so you really ought to have this. Majority of players here already have it so you should have it also to cope up with them. If you want to have a free PZ account join the top guilds since they provide a PZ account to their members and try your best to get a gmouse. •Do you still play sir El? I don't see you in game! Yes I still do I'm just using another class and IGN and i gotta be honest I'm not that sociable type of guy so I usually hide myself in the game but I'm available in the forums. Conclusion: Update Sept 21, 2019: I edited few in my guide to make it more comprehensible but still there has been a lot of changes in the game and I didn't yet included it here because I still didn't cope up with such changes. If I got time again I will update this guide. I hope this guide helps everyone especially the newbies. I want you to know that my guide is not perfect. There are players there that has different build but remember this is only a guide for you! Gives a thumbs up to my guide and also don't forget to vote in my Poll if this guide helps you so that players will know that this guide is good for them! Thank you! Update January 17, 2020: Since I've been playing the game for a while now again I've cope up with the changes so I updated and made 3 parts of equipments of Sniper, Basic, Semi and End Gears. I will still update this guide in the future especially the TIPS in pvping since apparently the game style has been change over the years. Update April 30, 2020: I added and changed some things in this guide to make it more comprehensible and not obsolete. Update July 16, 2020: Added some extra infos like the prices of gears etc and some Q&As and I also edited some infos that are already posted to make it more comprehensible. I believe my guide is fully updated so this will be my last update for now. I will update my guide again once there has been a changes. If you guys still have an unanswered questions or still confuse in my guide you could ask me directly here in the forums just feel free to pm me. I hope my guide will help you in becoming the pro you ought to be. Always remember to help also those who are in need of guidance and have fun also don't take the game too seriously. God bless everyone. PS: Pardon my grammatical errors I know there's a lot but I tried my best to make it understandable.
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