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    There is one map that everyone uses to level up. "for_fild06" you can start with 1000 chivalry emblem to make the forsaken knight quest. after that you can farm for you legendary gears. Zeny farming is good too, ( @ali 7444 and kill yellow acidus to get a chance to farm treasure box and sell it to the npc ) map: abyss_03 usually wizard is the job of the farmers here. Collin's Farming Guide
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    Yes, we will update the article soon.
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    Hello there! To answer your question you need to know a few things, but don't worry I'm here to explain! That weapon is a sword. Usually when an Assassin Cross uses a sword it can only be equipped in the main hand (Right hand), but if they are daggers they can be equipped in both the main(right) and off(left) hands. I assume you're using a Dexterity Sword? That would be the reason why the stats give Crit - 50. There are 2 variants of assassin cross swords, Dex version and Critical version. Double Attack is a passive skill which only applies to daggers. In this case, the sword isn't affected due to it being a sword. If you use sidewinder you'd be able to get double attack on the weapon it is compounded in, in this case the sword, which would mean your damage would now have a chance to be doubled. E.g. if your damage was 24k on non-sidewinder and would be 16k on sidewinders, double attack would make that 16k into 32k which, for me, is a good deal. Hope this helps!
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    Try the Fixing White Screen and pick the corresponding version of your Windows.
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    Greeting a Happy New Year to all~ (entry to be followed)
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