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  3. It's been a pleasure serving the fRO community! I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of my journey ♥ I will surely miss everyone! This is the Goddess of Bananas signing off~

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  5. We welcome newbies to join our MVP hunt party so it will be beneficial to newbies since they can get the cards they need easily. The competition I was thinking are most probably old players that can support other newbies to MVP hunt too. It will be fun and more exciting that way. Most of MVP card buyers are old players and already capable of buying MVP cards. Joining an MVP party will become an essential part for newbies since this is where they can get a higher chance of earning tokens and getting geared. For rich/geared players, they can easily just buy zeny to newbies that farm treasure boxes so they can just go to the MVP room and get the card. That's the reason why MVP cards is somehow worthless in the game. It will be harder for newbies to earn tokens by just farming treasure boxes for starters since it will consume a huge amount of time and eventually just quit playing. If newbies will be joining a party like MVP hunting, they will not get bored since they will know new friends that can help them get stronger.
  6. -1 One reason why MVP Room was made is for those that can't casually hunt and keep up spawn times. Basing from what I've heard you're part of "trollz" guild and this thing should be a common sense for a mvp-hunter, knowing that nowadays competition is none when keeping up the time of MVPs. Also the MVP Room only accommodates few essential cards and is A MUST have card for newbies. Yes the freebie npc effect is already a spoon food item for them but making cards like Kiels and TGs expensive for them will surely discourage them even to stay or hunt MVP aswell. And may I ask of what you meant by "Having more MVP hunters as competition will make the game more fun and exciting. This will also give more value to MVP cards so the market will be more stable since it will be hard or challenging to get it" can you elaborate more of why this will be beneficial to the market in buyer and seller's perspective?
  7. Hello, I'm suggesting to reduce the skill level of Land Pro from Bio G ring. Level 5 seems a bit OP for the class. Please reduce it to just level 1. Thanks.
  8. Hi, Is there any updates regarding the build types of bio? or Is this guide still the best for bio? Thanks
  9. Thanatos room should stay since it is a special MVP that cant be hunted in regular maps. I think that should have a different poll if someone will make one for it. I'm only referring to regular MVP bosses.
  10. This kind of special cases have major cons than pros :3 1 of the major cons would be 'thanatos MVP room' may get disable too(just my personal exp thoughts rofl xd) Gladly disagree ❤️
  11. Thanks GM Ebisu for some good estimates here.
  12. Kooligan44

    Can't connect

    Thanks a lot, i can play now /e11
  13. Hi All, I know that buying MVP cards from sellers is a big pain since no one knows what's the real price for each of the MVP cards. I'm suggesting to disable the MVP rooms so the players have only 2 options to get the MVP cards. It is either to hunt MVP boss (Yey! MVP hunt competition!) or buy it from the website (I'm rich so I will just donate). I think this is beneficial to the server since you will only have 2 options to get the MVP card that a player need to get stronger. I know only 2 guilds that do MVP hunts (Trollz and UK). Having more MVP hunters as competition will make the game more fun and exciting. This will also give more value to MVP cards so the market will be more stable since it will be hard or challenging to get it. Share your thoughts in the comments section if this is going to be a good idea! Have fun y'all.
  14. Ebisu

    Can't connect

    Try this 1- Right click patcher + setup + fkenro.exe , go to Settings, then click the Compatibility tab 2- Check in the lower part where it says https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/454431864610881567/526824718469169152/unknown.png 3- Also, in the same window, setup the compatibility mode on this https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/454431864610881567/526824871322189845/unknown.png 4- After you've done all that, open Setup and set your desired resolution. 5- If the problem continues, then lower your resolution to see if that fixes the issue 6- If none of the above work, be more specific and send us a screenshot of your error message
  15. Download our All In One installer and run the game through the game folder, not a shortcut.
  16. You are practically buying a DA, since thats all the materials you need to make a dragon armor. People sell DAs for 5k By buying 2 DH you're getting 5k extra fame, and also you need a rank 3 character to make a DA. If you already have a rank 3 dragonist, and you dont mind spending 2k~2.2k on 2 DH then... 7 pvp tokens go for 120 ea x 7 = 840 tokens , you can round it up to 900 since price varies. 2 DH = 1k ~1.1k each = 2k ~ 2.2k All materials = 1k? so 4.1k tokens If you don't have a tier 3 dragonist you'll need 1 more DH ... from tier 0 to tier 3 you need 9k fame so 5.2k tokens approximately.
  17. Thanks for the effort. I hope more variants of ROP to come..
  18. Kooligan44

    Can't connect

    Hi. Sorry for my english...i'm french so... I have some problems with the conection today. I'd dowload the game yesturday, play a few with no problems, and today i launch the pathcher, there is the main menu, i clic play, gepard protection, and nothing else... I tried some modification on the setup board with no success, any ideas please?
  19. Gepard Shield isn't going to be removed.
  20. I'm all up for having Gepard removed, PvP in the server has declined and is continuing to decline in correlation with activity so the purpose of Gepard is dwindling anyway. 👍
  21. I don't know about you and how you like enjoying the server itself but I'd rather that than the current state of the game where the remaining number of players don't participate in any sort of pvp and only log on for WoE. There's a reason a good reason why a significant amount of people ended up leaving the server after Gepard was implemented, it just wasn't enjoyable anymore or just not worth the time to adapt and learn to play without 3rd party stuff after having relied on it for so many years and if this changed I'm positive a lot would return to the server and I've even talked to a number of individuals who no longer play that feel the same way. The fact of the matter is that for the longest time there wasn't a solution such as Gepard, and because of it almost everyone adopted cheating in some capacity to get by and enjoy the game again and the reliance on using 3rd party tools increased to the point where it was the norm. The sudden introduction of Gepard to the server had players needing to either adapt and play legit again, use macros or just leave. I can tell you right now a lot have left in the past due to the fact that the ping difference is huge and macros just don't cut it whereas previously they would've used something like nodelay or breakneck to get past the inconsistent spam due to the ping and the huge advantage low ping players had over them.
  22. So disable Gepard so everyone can just cheat and have pally bots and dumb stuff happen? How is that even fun?
  23. I'd like to keep the fun going for the next 10 years. Really hoping Gepard will be disabled. less maintenance, too. Lol
  24. can u get hacked and give me ur fset again

  25. I personally agree with disabling Gepard Shield for many reasons. Firstly, in terms of player base what he said was right I mean like before Gepard there were way more guilds and players, looking back 6-8 years from when Gepard was introduced there was a higher player base except for maybe when the server very first came out. Even in 2015-2017 after the peak of our servers player base there were way more players compared to post-gepard which is surely not a coincidence. During those times in every PK area there was 10+ people, parties of 7+ vs 7+, WoE was active with 2-3 big guilds and 1-2 small guilds, and our prized area FORSAKEN CITY FIELD 01 had PvP everyday with individual duels. People went there to socialize, watch people duel, there was trash talk, and everything you can ask for in a private RO server. After Gepard there was a noticeable and blatant decline of players not just in these areas but on the server as a whole. People quit, went inactive, and I don't blame them because they stood no chance vs low ping players like myself and a few others, as a large number of the player base live outside of North America. Secondly, what he said about cheating being an issue for a very long time without it really being addressed is 100% true. Players weren't really banned and if they were it was a few blatant cheaters and after a while people stopped getting banned because players didn't care about making a report just to ban an individual player. Most of the server that became reliant on cheating had high ping and this isn't me saying that high ping players are bad, its just that it's very hard to play as a 200 ping player vs a 20 ping player. If both players are equally skilled then the lower ping player wins off of the factor of low ping which then makes it unfair. People also didn't report each other because there was no reason to be a hypocrite about cheating. If the players ( CUSTOMERS BTW ) don't mind not having Gepard then why not? When Gepard got introduced, many players quit and slowly became inactive. They were reliant on 3rd party stuff. They couldn't adapt, and I don't blame them if they had high ping with our server having some super high rate items with high rate rates. Before Gepard third party programs allowed both players to PvP with each other on an closely equal enough level. Nowadays, low ping players have such an advantage on high ping players and as our server is dominated by high ping players and very few low ping players this creates imbalance and if this server didn't have some unbalanced items that are abused by dogshit players it'd be clear who would win. With all the events mainly BR and GvG being completely inactive this means free rewards and these just aren't any "rewards", these are some of our most expensive items like BR emps and GvG emps. Mainly BR emps that were meant to be only for the strongest and most deserved are now just being handed out for free, which also ties in to another very important controversial topic on our server, the Market. I don't even have to explain, if all the members from one guild get all the expensive items and don't need to buy anything and just sell what do you think will happen? In the end, I don't think players attend these events because there aren't enough players that have the incentive to log on. Sure you can say that if everyone logged on and prepared more then there would be competition, but it's really not enjoyable when there are items that 1 shot you or brainless players that only know one type of gear stay clicking their mouse as fast as possible. Pre Gepard people would try to win those events even if it was them alone vs a full party. Some players don't have funds for a macro keyboard or mouse which is basically required to stand a chance especially if you're a high ping player. (I don't macro btw) I know the GM's are trying to balance the server and I don't mean any disrespect at all but I can only imagine that it's not enjoyable with the state of the server it is in for high ping / new gear players. About lag, after Gepard I've had way more crashes I think i've had more crashes throughout a year then in like 5 years total before Gepard. I don't know if its linked to Gepard but ever since I haven't felt the same consistency in latency and with third party programs like wtfast and pingzapper they are still super buggy and always comes across some sort of error from the programs. Regardless, it will change the server and players will come back. There will be more more participants in our events that are currently not even played guaranteed. With some of the classes that are gonna be nerfed still on live client there really is no counter play at all. Without Gepard there won't be one guild dominating every event and actually a chance in events even with lower numbers, just like during the old days when we had the peak of our players. This is coming from somebody that is a top PvPer and has 10 ping. There were groups of players that were less than 10 that could take on 2 full WoE guilds. Now its just brainless classes that spam one macro button and whoever has more members pretty much decides who wins. Before when smaller numbers actually had a chance to win there was an incentive to log on, and now if you are outnumbered by 3 people its an automatic loss. In the end, if this suggestion doesn't change anything then it'll be the same old repetitive, 1 guild winning everything and all the lesser geared players / high ping players that try to fight back just get raped. Even with legendary gear you could take on a fully geared player before. The decision of leaving Gepard as it is or disabling it will pretty much make everybody see what the server is focused on, lets see if getting more active players that PvP more is important or letting the same guild dominate over and over without wanting a change :'). This server has become 1 guild with a few players that I genuinely think that are good and the others spamming a mouse button on an op class or not fair class at all SPECIFICALLY redux clown dominating the whole scene while there are 2-3 other small guilds that only log on for WoE, and most of the time during WoE there isn't even competition which disables the purpose of other events and just gives the dominating guild free shit and boosted egos. It's pretty disgusting to see such a great PvP server infested with WoE warriors and party warriors that only PvP while having devo 24/7 or buffs now and then talk shit from the shadows of their alt novice but are completely awful and don't have any idea of what this server used to be, they are the same people that don't ever enter any PK area and when they do its with 5+ members LOL Thanks to the ones that actually come to PK areas alone, and try to fight. But the people that don't ever enter any PK area, you're terrible, absolutely oblivious to how bad you are and you really shouldn't talk shit ever. It's kinda embarrassing that I can list names off the top of my head and you know who you are, so don't talk shit okay? And I know some of you that are reading feel some typa way about what I just said, I don't care. What are you gonna do? Try and kill me even with your party 2vs7 and still lose? Without Gepard these people might actually try and PvP at PK areas instead of logging in 10 minutes before WoE, and then talk shit because they just have more players on, and the ugly truth is that this server with some really enjoyable PvP has become just that. Come to PK areas and stop talking trash so it can be like the old days when we had the peak of our players. I've been playing for a long time and I promise you people tried to PvP even if they had no gears and the people that socialize at city would be in field sitting and talking. I just want it to be like the old days when everything was much more simpler and enjoyable, okay? :") Disabling Gepard would bring back a lot of players, while also giving less geared players a chance to survive even with ping disadvantage. Nowadays if you aren't up to par with the gear most top PvPers have you just instantly lose, but before you could stand a chance even on legendary items. If most of the players that play for the PvP don't have anybody to PvP with, what will happen? It'll be the slow death of such a great PvP server. It gets really boring dueling the same person every single day that you end up dueling one your friends and don't even get to play against other people alongside your friends. That is all that happens in every PK area for the day, every single day.
  26. I got a notify Invalid File has Been detected : cps.dll Can you help me fix it ? i dont know what to do
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